Military Veterinary Services

Military Veterinary Services
Military Veterinary Services
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This book is the first dedicated solely to military veterinary medicine. Its chapters outline the history and the diverse duties that make the practice of military veterinary medicine significantly different from the practice of civilian veterinary medicine, yet an integral part of Army medicine. Besides offering readers a comprehensive overview of past veterinary support to the US military, this book also covers the Veterinary Corps’ more modern contributions to US missions, including:

  • support of special operations forces’
  • tactical canine programs and combat casualty care
  • food protection and defense
  • military working dog, horse, mule, and marine mammal programs
  • global zoonotic disease surveillance and military research and development.

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Table of Contents

Contributors xi
Foreword by The Surgeon General xvii
Preface xix
Section I: Historic Contributions 1
1. Military Veterinary Support Before and After 1916 3
Section II: Military and Family-Owned Animal Services 81
2. Military Working Dog History 83
3. Military Working Dog Procurement, Veterinary Care, and Behavioral Service 91
4. Military Evacuation of the Military Working Dog 111
5. Family-Owned Animal Health Service 123
6. Human-Animal Bond Programs 141
7. Marine Mammal Program 175
8. Military Equine Programs 207
Section III: Food Protection and Public Health Services 227
9. Food Safety and Food Defense 229
10. Army Veterinary Laboratory Service 267
Section IV: Preventive Medicine and Public Health Services 273
11. Zoonotic and Animal Disease of Military Importance 275
12. Rabies and Continued Military Concerns 345
13. Global Zoonotic Disease Surveillance and Control 367
Section V: Research, Development, and Public Health Services 381
14. Laboratory Animal Medicine 383
15. Veterinary Pathology 427
16. Comparative Veterinary Medicine 469
Section VI: Unconventional Missions and Other Evolving Services 487
17. Veterinary Support in Irregular Operations 489
Abbreviations and Acronyms xxi
Index xxxiii


Military veterinary providers as well as civilian veterinarians, and military medical providers will find this publication informative.

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