Fundamentals of Military Medicine

Fundamentals of Military Medicine
Fundamentals of Military Medicine
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An introduction to military medicine for medical students new to the military. Military medicine is the application of medical art and science in a military setting for the benefit of the military organization through optimal care of the combatant. Topics include:

  • history of military medicine
  • military medical leadership
  • military law and ethics
  • military judicial court system 
  • management and treatment of trauma and mass casualties in frequently austere field and ship environments
  • vaccines and protection against exotic global pathogens—both manmade and naturally occurring
  • enlisted service members
  • biodefense against chemical and nuclear weapons
  • tactical fields skills for the military physician
  • and more

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Table of Contents

Contributors xiii
Foreword xvii
Preface xix
Introduction xxi
Section I. Military Leadership, Science, and Ethics 1
1. The History of the Military Medical Officer 3
Dale C. Smith
2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Military Medical Officer 21
Justin Woodson
3. Offi cership and the Profession of Arms in the 21st Century 35
Isaiah Wilson III and Michael J. Meese
4. Military Medical Leadership 51
Charles W. Callahan and Neil E. Grunberg
5. Military Law and Ethics 67
Samuel J. Smith Jr
6. The Law of Armed Confl ict and Military Medicine 91
Michael H. Hoff man
7. The National Security Structure 105
Jonathan Woodson
8. The Medical Officer on the Commander’s Staff 123
Justin Woodson and Samual Sauer
9. Military Medicine in the Operational and Strategic Context 145
Eric B. Schoomaker
10. Tactical Field Skills for the Military Physician 153
Sean Mulvaney and Tony S. Kim
11. Military Communication 165
Angela M. Yarnell, Cindy Dullea, and Neil E. Grunberg
12. Enlisted Service Members 179
Althea Green
13. Combined Health Services Support Operations 193
Martin C. Bricknell
Section II. Operational Health Service Support 203
14. Introduction to Health Service Support 205
James F. Schwartz , Megan C. Muller, and Conrad R. Wilmoski
15. Health Information Systems 225
Michael J. Stone
16. Force Health Protection 233
Mary T. Brueggemeyer
17. Medical Logistics 249
David Sloniker and James F. Schwartz
18. Joint Health Services Support: Operational Planning 257
James F. Schwartz , Megan C. Muller, and Conrad R. Wilmoski
Section III. Human Performance Optimization 273
19. The Evolution of Human Performance Optimization and Total Force Fitness 275
Patricia A. Deuster, Francis G. O’Connor, and Travis K. Lunasco
20. Physical Fitness: The Necessary Foundation 285
Brian R. Kupchak, Dana R. Nguyen, and Mark B. Stephens
21. Performance Nutrition 299
Patricia A. Deuster and Jonathan Scott
22. Environmental Extremes: Heat and Cold 313
Francis G. O’Connor, Richard A. Scheuring, and Patricia A. Deuster
23. Environmental Extremes: Alternobaric 325
Richard A. Scheuring, William Rainey Johnson, Geoff rey E. Ciarlone, David Keyser, Naili Chen, and Francis G. O’Connor
24. Environmental Extremes: Space 347
Richard A. Scheuring, Josef F. Schmid, and J.D. Polk
25. Psychological Well-Being 363
Angela M. Yarnell, Erin S. Barry, and Neil E. Grunberg
26. Sleep, Rest, and Recovery 381
Angela M. Yarnell, Matt hew L. Lopresti, Omotola O. Lanlokun, and Thomas J. Balkin
27. Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention 393
Timothy C. Gribbin, Kathryn Beutler; and Sarah J. de la Motte
28. Spiritual Fitness and Performance 405
Matt hew T. Stevens and Jeffrey E. Rhodes
29. Family Readiness 415
Adam K. Saperstein, Teresa Combs, Ryan Landoll, and Regina P. Owen
30. Medical Readiness 431
Christopher W. Bunt and Bonnie Sanchez
31. Rehabilitation and Reintegration 443
Oluwaseyi Gbade-Alabi and Paul Pasquina

Section IV.

Tactical Military Medicine in the Operational Environment 455
32. Approach to the Emergency Patient 457
Tress Goodwin, Katherine Ellis, and Craig Goolsby
33. Tactical Medicine 477
Lanny F. Litt lejohn and Brendon G. Drew
34. Mass Casualty Preparedness and Response 503
Gerard DeMers and John Wightman
35. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Threats 531
Edward Lucci and Melissa Givens
36. Acute Pain Management in the Deployed Environment 555
Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier III
37. Combat and Operational Stress Control 573
James C. West and Christopher H. Warner
38. Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military 585
Renee Pazdan, Theresa Latt imore, Edward Whitt , and Jamie Grimes
39. Casualty Transport and Evacuation 603
Chetan U. Kharod, Brenna M. Shackelford, and Robert L. Mabry
40. Preventive Medicine in the Deployed Environment 621
Lucas A. Johnson and Shawn M. Garcia
Epilogue xxvii
Abbreviations and Acronyms xxxi
Index xxxiii


Military medical students and military medical providers.

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