Combat and Operational Behavioral Health

Combat and Operational Behavioral Health
Combat and Operational Behavioral Health
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This new textbook is an excellent resource for all healthcare professionals as they strive to provide the finest quality and most compassionate care of the men and women in uniform and their spouses, significant others, and children. Every person who is in contact with a military member struggling to cope with the emotional trauma of war, disease, or injury needs our support and best efforts.

 By examining the potential causes of combat stress and emotional trauma, the various approaches to diagnosis and treatment, the roles of providers (and their own resiliency), and the many programs available to help, this volume seeks to reduce the difficulties faced by veterans as they reenter civilian life.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Surgeon General xxi Preface xxiii

Section I: Setting the Stage 1

1. Combat and Operational Behavioral Health: An Update to an Old History 3 Elspeth Cameron Ritchie and Christopher G. Ivany

2. US Army Psychiatry Legacies of the Vietnam War 9 Norman M. Camp

3. Preparation for Deployment: Improving Resilience 43 Patricia Watson, Brett Litz, Steven Southwick, and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

4. Combat and Operational Stress Control 59 Edward A. Brusher

5. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Contributions During Operations Iraqi Freedom and 75 Enduring Freedom: From Research to Public Health Policy Charles W. Hoge, Amy B. Adler, Kathleen M. Wright, Paul D. Bliese, Anthony Cox, Dennis McGurk, Charles Milliken, and Carl A. Castro

Section II: In Theater 87 6. The Division Psychiatrist and Brigade Behavioral Health Officers 89 Christopher H. Warner, George N. Appenzeller, Todd Yosick, Matthew J. Barry, Anthony J. Morton, Jill E. Breitbach, Gabrielle Bryen, Angela Mobbs, Amanda Robbins, Jessica Parker, and Thomas Grieger

7. US Marine Corps and Navy Combat and Operational Stress Continuum Model: A Tool for Leaders 107 William P. Nash

8. Expeditionary Operational Stress Control in the US Navy 121 Robert L. Koffman, Richard D. Bergthold, Justin S. Campbell, Richard J. Westphal, Paul Hammer, Thomas A. Gaskin, John Ralph, Edward Simmer, and William P. Nash

9. Provision of Mental Health Services in Operation Iraqi Freedom 05–07 137 Marc A. Cooper, Sharon M. Newton, and Jeffrey S. Yarvis

10. Psychiatric Medications in Military Operations 151 Brett J. Schneider, John C. Bradley, Christopher H. Warner, and David M. Benedek

11. The Role of Chaplains in the Operational Army 163 Peter Frederich, Thomas C. Waynick, Jason E. Duckworth, and Jeff Voyles

12. Psychiatric Consultation to Command 171 Christopher H. Warner, George N. Appenzeller, Jill E. Breitbach, Jennifer T. Lange, Angela Mobbs, and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

Section III: The Road Home 189

13. The Aeromedical Evacuation 191 Alan L. Peterson, Kelly R. McCarthy, Daniel J. Busheme, Rick L. Campise, and Monty T. Baker

 14. Behavioral Healthcare at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center 209 Jeffrey V. Hill, David Reynolds, and Ronald Campbell

15. Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military Population 225 Louis M. French, Katherine H. Taber, Kathy Helmick, Robin A. Hurley, and Deborah L. Warden

16. Psychiatric Intervention for the Battle-Injured Medical and Surgical Patient Following 243 Traumatic Injuries Harold J. Wain, Scott C. Moran, Marvin Oleshansky, Andree Bouterie, and Christopher L. Lange

17. Oral Health Effects of Combat Stress 259 Georgia dela Cruz and Paul Colthirst Section IV: Reunion and Reintegration 273

18. Resetting the Force: Reentry and Redeployment 275 Kris A. Peterson and Michael E. Doyle

19. Treatment of Deployment-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 297 Josef I. Ruzek, Jeffrey S. Yarvis, and Steven Lindley

20. The Continuum of Care for New Combat Veterans and Their Families: A Public Health Approach 325 Harold Kudler, Alfonso R. Batres, Charles M. Flora, Terry C. Washam, Marshall J. Goby, and Laurent S. Lehmann

21. Pain Management 339 Frederick J. Stoddard, Robert L. Sheridan, Jeevendra Martyn, James E. Czarnik, and Virgil T. Deal

22. US Army Occupational Therapy: Promoting Optimal Performance 357 Mary W. Erickson, Teresa L. Brininger, Sharon M. Newton, Amy M. Mattila, and James P. Burns

23. Provider Fatigue and Provider Resiliency Training 375 Mary Ann Pechacek, Graeme C. Bicknell, and Lisa Landry Section V: Surveillance and Intervention 391

24. Army Suicide Surveillance: A Prerequisite to Suicide Prevention 393 Gregory A. Gahm and Mark A. Reger

25. Suicide Prevention in the Army: Lessons Learned and Future Directions 403 Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Walter Morales, Michael Russell, Bruce Crow, Wayne Boyd, Kelly Forys, and Steven Brewster

26. Suicide and Homicide Risk Management: Rationale and Suggestions for the Use of Unit Watch 423 in Garrison and Deployed Settings Samuel E. Payne, Jeffrey V. Hill, and David E. Johnson

27. Severe Psychiatric Illness in the Military Healthcare System 441 Geoffrey Grammer

28. Eating Disorders 449 Gail H. Manos, Janis Carlton, and Aileen Kim

29. Substance Use and Abuse in the Military 473 R. Gregory Lande, Barbara A. Marin, James J. Staudenmeier, and Daryl Hawkins

Section VI. Military Children and Families 485

30. The Impact of Deployment on Military Families and Children 487 Simon Pincus, Barbara Leiner, Nancy Black, and Tangeneare Ward Singh

31. The Children and Families of Combat-Injured Service Members 503 Stephen J. Cozza, Ryo S. Chun, and Corina Miller

32. Family Maltreatment and Military Deployment 535 René J. Robichaux and James E. McCarroll

33. The Families and Children of Fallen Military Service Members 543 Douglas H. Lehman and Stephen J. Cozza

34. Establishing an Integrated Behavioral Health System of Care at Schofield Barracks 563 Michael E. Faran, Albert Y. Saito, Eileen U. Godinez, Wendi M. Waits, Victoria W. Olson, Christine M. Piper, Margaret A. McNulty, and Christopher G. Ivany Section VII. Operational Behavioral Health 577

35. Disaster Psychiatry 579 Artin Terhakopian, David M. Benedek, and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

36. Terrorism and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Weapons 593 Ross H. Pastel and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

37. Operation Iraqi Freedom 05–07 Medical Civil-Military Operations: Lessons Learned in 609 Humanitarian Assistance Jeffrey S. Yarvis

38. Behavioral Health Issues in Humanitarian and Military Relief Operations: The Special 619 Problem of Complex Emergencies Thomas F. Ditzler

39. Population-Based Programs and Health Diplomacy Approaches of the US Public Health 633 Service Jon T. Perez, Jeffrey Coady, Kevin McGuinness, and Merritt Schreiber

40. Behavioral Health Issues and Detained Individuals 645 Richard Toye and Marshall Smith

41. Mental Healthcare in the United Kingdom Armed Forces 657 Neil Greenberg, Jamie Hacker Hughes, Mark Earnshaw, and Simon Wessely

Section VIII. Other Military Issues 667

42. Military Psychiatry Graduate Medical Education 669 Carroll J. Diebold, Wendi M. Waits, Millard D. Brown, and David M. Benedek

43. Military Forensic Mental Health 693 Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

44. Women, Mental Health, and the Military 703 Deborah Crowley, Trisha Bender, Ashley Chatigny, Tina Trudel, and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

45. Mental Health Support to Operations Involving Death and the Dead 717 James E. McCarroll and Robert J. Ursano

46. Ethics and Military Medicine: Core Contemporary Questions 727 Edmund G. Howe, Robert C. McKenzie, and Chad Bradford 47. Combat and Operational Behavioral Health: Final Thoughts and Next Steps 747 Elspeth Cameron Ritchie and Michael Doyle

Appendix 1: Provision of Behavioral Health Services During Operation Iraqi Freedom One 751 Robert D. Forsten, Brett J. Schneider, Sharette Kirsten Gray, Colin Daniels, and Gary J. Drouillard 

Appendix 2: Operational Psychiatry in Operation Enduring Freedom 767 Bryan L. Bacon, Matthew J. Barry, and James Demer

Appendix 3: Good or Bad News? Media Coverage of Soldiers: Focus on Behavioral Health in Iraq 775 During Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07 Jeffrey S. Yarvis and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie Abbreviations and Acronyms xxv

Index xxxi


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