Children with Cancer

Children with Cancer
Children with Cancer
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If your child has cancer – this comprehensive guide can help you learn how childhood cancers are diagnosed and treated, as well as how to manage common health problems during treatment. It shares coping and support strategies for every member of your family. Developed by a multidisciplinary a team of experts from across the National Cancer Institute, and parents who have a child with cancer, this guide was designed as a companion for every family that has a child with cancer.

Medical information is explained so it’s easy to understand:
• Types of cancer in children
• Medical tests and procedures
• Treatments, including access to the latest clinical trials
• Health issues such as nutrition, infection, and pain
• Integrative medicine approaches
• Advanced cancer-related issues
• Survivorship

Practical information is shared to help parents:
• Find a doctor and hospital for your child
• Talk with your child about cancer
• Cope and find support for you and your family
• Stay organized and track key information

Designed to be used as a tool in consultation with your child’s health care team – each chapter of this guide includes quotes from parents, questions to ask your child’s health care team, and related resources. This guide was a National Health Information Award winner. It received “gold” – an honor given to the nation’s best consumer health programs and materials, by the Health Information Resource Center.

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Table of Contents

• Introduction
• Types of Childhood Cancer
• Diagnosing and Staging Cancer
• Talking With Your Child
• Hospitals That Specialize in Treating Children With Cancer
• Clinical Trials
• Cancer Treatments and Side Effects
• Common Health Problems
• Finding Ways to Cope and Stay Strong
• Helping Your Child to Cope
• Helping Brothers and Sisters
• Getting Organized
• Survivorship and Follow-up Care
• If Treatments Aren’t Working
• Looking Forward
• Practices That Help Children: Integrative Medicine Approaches
• Medical Tests and Procedures


Parents of a child with cancer

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