Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. 2

Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. 2
Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. 2
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Explores the various natural and manmade challenges faced by today's soldier upon mobilization and deployment.  Offers comprehensive research on a range of topics related to preventive medicine, including a historic perspective on the principles of military medicine, national mobilization and training, preparation for deployment, occupational and environmental issues during sustainment.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Surgeon General xvii

Preface xix

SECTION 5: Epidemiology in the Field 705

31. Disease and Nonbattle Injury Surveillance: Outcome Measure for Force Health

Protection 707

32. Outbreak Investigation 723

33. Epidemiologic Measurement: Basic Concepts and Methods 755

34. Laboratory Support for Infectious Disease Investigations in the Field 783

SECTION 6: Infectious Diseases of Concern 801

35. Diseases Transmitted Primarily by Arthropod Vectors 803

36. Diseases Transmitted Primarily from Animals to Humans 937

37. Diseases Transmitted by Food, Water, and Soil 999

38. Diseases Spread by Close Personal Contact 1117

39. Diseases Controlled Primarily by Vaccination 1213

40. Principles of Infection Control and Prevention During Military Deployment 1249

SECTION 7: Preventive Medicine Efforts Following Disasters 1267

41. The Challenge of Humanitarian Assistance in the Aftermath of Disasters 1269

42. Military and Public Health Aspects of Natural Disasters 1289

43. Complex Emergencies 1315

44. Public Health Perspectives Related to Technological Disasters and Terrorism 1337

45. The International Humanitarian Response System and the US Military 1351

46. Domestic Disaster Response: FEMA and Other Governmental Organizations 1363

47. Nutritional Assessment and Nutritional Needs of Refugee or Displaced

Populations 1375

SECTION 8: Postdeployment 1393

48. Psychological Aspects of Deployment and Reunion 1395

49. Medical Issues in Redeployment 1425

Abbreviations and Acronyms xxiii

Index xxvii


This volume was prepared for military medical educational use.  The focus of the information is to foster discussion that may form the basis of doctrine and policy.  It would be beneficial to all military medical personnel. Students preparing for ROTC-related education and assignments, as well as enlisted U.S. military service members, including Reserve forces may be interested in this authoritative text for military deployments and preparation methods for preventive medicine while in distant locations.

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Department of Defense (DOD) Army Medical Department (AMEDD) The Borden Institute
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