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Security, Defense & Law Enforcement

Browse our Federal Government publications especially for counterterrorism, emergency preparedness, and law enforcement professionals. From packages covering the latest counterterrorism practices to reports and analyses on local crime statistics and public safety, you’ll find the official techniques and data you need. Key publications in this collection highlight law enforcement trends and collections of data, guides to chemical and biological threats, forensics, intelligence, border control, and explosives.

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Global Trends: Paradox of Progress

Global Trends: Paradox of Progress

By: National Intelligence Council and Office of the Director of National Intelligence

GPO Stock # 041-015-00329-1 ISBN: 9780160936142

This edition of Global Trends revolves around a core argument about how the changing nature of power is increasing stress both within countries and between countries, and bearing on vexing transnational issues. The main section lays out the key...

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V.61 #3,2016; Approach


GPO Stock # 708-010-00227-1 ISBN:

Aviation safety information analysis and sharing is crucial in making aviation safer for all. Aviators must study past failures and data in order to prevent future accidents and errors. By sharing aviation stories, we can learn from the past and...

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construction contracting; engineering innovations; structural engineering

A Mission in the Desert: The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Albuquerque District 1985-2010

By: Defense Dept., Army, Corps of Engineers

GPO Stock # 008-022-00359-2 ISBN: 9780160936036

A Mission in the Desert highlights the accomplishments of the Albuquerque District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and their contributions to the development of the southwest.


Audience: This would...

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Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers, V. 46, September-December 2016

By: Defense Dept., Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood

GPO Stock # 708-023-00111-2 ISBN:

Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers.  Published three times a year, this magazine is a compilation of articles by Professional Military Engineers that provides the officers and enlisted personnel with regular...

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U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War: Taking the Offensive, October 1986-Septe

U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War: Taking the Offensive, October 1966-September 1967

By: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

GPO Stock # 008-029-00615-4 ISBN: 9780160935015

The U.S. Army Center of Military History is pleased to present a new pamphlet in the U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War series. Taking the Offensive, October 1966–September 1967, by Glenn F. Williams, begins with a discussion of Operation...

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Public Roads, V. 80, No. 3, November/December 2016

Public Roads, V. 80, No. 3, November/December 2016

By: Transportation Dept., Federal Highway Administration

GPO Stock # 750-005-00167-1 ISBN:

Public Roads magazine is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology. The magazine covers advances and innovations in highway/traffic research and technology,...

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The Quest for Military Cooperation in North Africa: Prospects and Challenges

The Quest for Military Cooperation in North Africa: Prospects and Challenges

By: Defense Dept., Army, U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute

GPO Stock # 008-020-01639-0 ISBN: 9781584877370

North Africa's security landscape has worsened in the aftermath of the political events of the Arab spring. Libya's dire state of affairs has had significant repercussions not only on its internal security and stability, but also on that of its...

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Federal Probation: A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice, September 2016

By: Administrative Office of the United States Courts

GPO Stock # 727-001-00106-5 ISBN:

Federal Probation is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in criminal justice, community supervision, and corrections.  This September’s issue of Federal Probation features a special...

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Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Protection of Environment, Pt. 63 (Sectio

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Protection of Environment, Pt. 63 (Section 63.6580 to 63.8830), Revised as of July 1, 2016

By: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register

GPO Stock # 869-084-00162-6 ISBN: 9780160934001

CFR 40 Parts 63 (Section 63.6580 to 63.8830) continues coverage on the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  In this volume, you will find rules, processes, procedures, and regulations relating to the national emission standards,...

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Flight Service

By: Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration

GPO Stock # 950-032-00000-6 ISBN:

FAA Order JO 7110.10.  This order prescribes air traffic control procedures and phraseology for use by personnel providing air traffic control services.  Controllers are required to be familiar with the provisions of this order that pertain to...

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