Occupational Health and the Service Member

Occupational Health and the Service Member
Occupational Health and the Service Member
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This book will relate the history of occupational health efforts in each of the military services and describe the current programs, including discussion of the occurrence and prevention of occupational threats to service members and civilians from the environment and military equipment. Individual chapters will focus on the following topics:

  • medical evaluations
  • workers’ compensation
  • surveillance
  • ergonomics
  • hearing protection
  • radiation
  • specific hazardous substances
  • and particular environments such as aerospace and underseas.

It is a revised, updated, and expanded version of the occupational health Textbook of Military Medicine published in 1993.

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Agency website: www.cs.amedd.army.mil/borden

Table of Contents

Contributors xi
Foreword by The Surgeon General xv
Preface xvii
1. The Tri-Service Industrial Base 1 P. K. Underwood
2. US Air Force Occupational and Environmental Health Program 11
Patrick F. Whitney and Jon R. Jacobson
3. Safety and Occupational Health Programs for the US Navy and US Marine Corps 23
Pamela L. Krahl, Deborah Bohlman, Lynn E. Cook, Anne McDonough, and Richard J. Thomas
4. The Evolution of Occupational Medicine Practice in the US Navy 41
Pamela L. Krahl, Brian Riley, and Richard J. Thomas
5. US Army Occupational Health Programs and Services 55
Timothy M. Mallon, M. Debra Parker, Jennylynn Balmer, David P. Deeter, and Janet M. Ruff
6. History of Army Occupational Health, 1991–2015 71
Jack M. Heller, Timothy M. Mallon, Coleen P. Baird, Deanna K. Harkins, Mahmut
Atabay, John P. Cuellar, and Joel C. Gaydos
7. Army Occupational Health Program Management 113
Timothy M. Mallon
8. Agency Medical Evaluations 127
Gregory J. Martin, Wendy E. Miklos, Jerald Cook, and J.C. Phillip Spottswood
9. Federal Workers’ Compensation Programs 139
Cameron J.L. Nelson, Sheryl A. Bedno, and Timothy M. Mallon
10. Medical Surveillance 153
Timothy M. Mallon, Cameron J.L. Nelson, David P. Deeter, and Janet M. Ruff
11. Health Hazards to Healthcare Workers 171
Melissa A. McDiarmid, Kevin P. Michaels, Marlene Sanchez, Gary E. Herr, Michael J. Testa, Daniel J.
Caldwell, and Timothy M. Mallon
12. Army Hearing Program 199
Doug W. Ohlin, Sharon L. Beamer, and Marjorie Grantham
13. Respiratory Protection 219
Timothy M. Mallon, Cameron J.L. Nelson, Tifani Gleason, Brandon Gardner, Gregory J. Martin, and John P. Barrett
14. Industrial Hygiene Program Management 235
Sandra Parker-Monk and John W. Yasalonis
15. Ergonomics 243
John Pentikis and Jay Clasing
16. Aerospace Medicine 263
Alfred C. Emmel, Raymond R. Batz, and John J. Venezia
17. Military Diving Operations 291
Michael G. Zakaroff, Ryan W. Snow, Richard D. Vann, and James Vorosmarti
18. Physiology and Medical Aspects of Diving 313
Ryan W. Snow, Michael G. Zakaroff, James Vorosmarti, Jr, and Richard D. Vann
19. Undersea Medicine 347
Grace Landers and James Caviness
20. Hazardous Substances in the Workplace 367
Papiya Ray and Cameron J. L. Nelson
21. Occupational and Environmental Lead 387
Carol I. Tobias, Richard L. Lachiver, and Han Q. Bui
22. Ionizing Radiation 399
Carlos E. Corredor, Scott Goodison, Douglas Barrickman, David Alberth, Mark W. Bower, Craig Jones,
Michael W. Mueller, Harris Edge, and Samuel G. Dunston
23. Nonionizing Radiation 441
Bryan D. Kobe, Kieran T. Lerch, Ernest C. Brumage, John J. DeFrank, Penelope K. Galoff, Charles W. Hicks Jr, and David H. Sliney
24. Carbon Monoxide 477
Steven R. Smith, John W. Downs, Thomas D. Louwers, Gregory J. Martin, Timothy B. Weyandt, and Charles David Ridgeley Jr
25. Beryllium 505
Dale Harman, Nicole S. Chavis, and Timothy M. Mallon
26. Shipboard Medicine 521
Terrance Riley, Timothy J. Bergan, Robert N. Uniskiewicz, and Louis Kroot
27. Deployment Surveillance 549
Raúl Alexander Mirza, Elisabeth M. Hesse, and Coleen Baird
28. Explosives and Propellants 561
Timothy M. Mallon, Peter G. Matos, W. Scott Monks, Raul A. Mirza, and Donald T. Bodeau
29. Biological Monitoring 593
Timothy M. Mallon, Richard P. Phipps, Juilee Thakar, Collyn Woeller, Dean P. Jones, Douglas I. Walker, Karan Uppal, Mark Utell, and Thomas Thatcher
30. Cold Stress 617
Andy Chern and David W. Degroot
Abbreviations and Acronyms xix
Index xxxiii


Military occupational health providers as well as civilian occupational health providers, and military medical providers will find this publication helpful.

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