Deschler-Brown Precedents of the United States House of Representative, V. 16

Deschler-Brown Precedents of the United States House of Representative, V. 16
Deschler-Brown Precedents of the United States House of Representative, V. 16
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House Document 94-661. Spine title reads: Deschler-Brown Precedents of the United States House of Representatives, V. 16, Chapter 32 & 33. Commentary and editing by William Holmes Brown. Manuscript editing by Joan Deschler Bamel and Deborah Woodard Khalili. Lewis Deschler was Parliamentarian of the House, 1928-1974; Wm. Holmes Brown was Parliamentarian of the House, 1974-1994. Covers precedents through the 105th Congress. 94th Congress, 2d Session. Item 995--G-01.

Table of Contents

Ch. 32. House-Senate Relations

A. Introductory 1
1. In General; Messages Between the Houses
2. Messages Relating to Bills
3. House Action on Senate Bills
4. House Action on Senate Resolutions
5. House Action on Senate Amendments
6. –Amending Senate Amendments; Degree of Amendment
B. Disposing of Amendments Between the Houses; Motions 145
7. In General; Precedence
8. Recognition To Offer Motions: Control of the Floor
9. To Agree or Concur
10. To Recede or Recede and Concur
11. To Concur With an Amendment; To Recede and Concur With an Amendment
12. To Insist or Adhere
Index to Precedents 313

Ch. 33. House-Senate conferences

A. Introductory 331
1. In General
2. Motions, Resolutions, and Requests for conference
3. When Motion Is in Order
4. Who May Request Conference
B. Conference Managers or Conferees 400
5. In General
6. Appointment by the Speaker
7. Power and Discretion of conferees
8. Changing conferees; Resignations
C. Instructions to Conferees; Motions to Instruct 547
9. In General
10. When Instructions Are in Order
11. Recognition to Offer; Debate
12. Binding Effect and Scope of Instructions; Violation of Instructions
13. Extending Power of Managers
14. When Conferees Fail to Act
D. Conference Reports 659
15. In General
16. Privilege of Filing; When in Order
17. Content of Report; Corrections
18. Signatures
19. Limitations on Scope of Report
20. Statements Accompanying Report
E. Consideration and Disposition of Report 766
21. In General
22. Calling Up as Privileged
23. Who May Call Up; Reading
24. Custody of the Official Papers
25. Points of Order
26. Waiving Points of Order
27. Time for consideration; the Three-day Rule
28. Debating Reports
29. Disposition of Reports and Amendments in Disagreement
30. Voting; Final Disposition of Report
31. Rejection of Report
32: Recommittal; Motions to Recommit
Index to Precedents 1123


This is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in House-Senate relations, including conferences, conference managers, conference reports, including the consequences of their adoption or rejection, and anyone who wants a comprehensive understanding of the procedures which reconcile the differences between the Houses.

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