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Are you looking for subscriptions about regulatory information?   How about military journal subscriptions? 


You have come to the correct place!  ---- In this collection of subscriptions, comprised of journals, magazines, and regulatory updates,  you will find an abundance of print journals in areas of  air travel and safety, plus small business and mid-size to large corporations' compliance with federal regulations within a variety of industries, such as accounting/tax practices, financial management, agricultural & farming, airline industry, banking and business credit, cosmetics, customs and border protection, exporting, food, manufacturers, pharmaceutical and medical technology,  procurement, maritime, shipping, transportation, and much more. 


Are you looking for regulatory updates about air travel and the airline industry?  These popular print subscriptions can offer you regulatory guidance relating to airplaneshelicopters and private planes, flight service, airport facilities and operations, FAA Safety guidance and more. 

Check out these additional print subscriptions to keep knowledge at your fingertips: 

 Aeronautical Information Manual: Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures (new update coming this summer 2019),   Air Traffic Control Handbook,  and  Notices to Airmen 


How about regulatory guidance related to business opreations compliance for the pharmaceutical industry, border security and customs, business conditions, including international trade procedures and regulations, accounting/tax practices, financial management, or economic indicators.   Don't forget to sign up for the annual print subscription, Code of Federal Regulations that have quarterly volume releases throughout the year.  You can sign up for the current 2019 CFR print edition subscription here  & the Federal Register Complete with Daily and monthly Indexes print subscription to keep you and your business in compliance with changing Federal regulations here


Specialty print subscriptions include:

Alcohol Research: Current Reviews Medical Journals & Magazines found here, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 2018Congressional Record, English Teaching Forum,  Federal Communications Commission's FCC Record,  Federal Mine Safety and Heath Review Commission Decisions print subscription, Fishery BulletinHumanities MagazineFederal Probation: Journal of Correctional Philosopy and Practice, Marine Fisheries ReviewMilitary Police, Public Roads, US  Savings Bond Redemption values, and more.


And you will also find a large number of miltiary journal and magazine print subscriptions for service members, military families, historians, defense contractors, and others interested in articles about national security, military policy, and military readiness training.

You can find an assortment of print subscriptions for miltary journals and magazines produced by the US Army including:  Army AL&T (Acquisitions, Logistics, & Technology), Army Chemical Review: Professional Bulletin of the Chemical Corps,  Army Communicator,  Army HistoryArmy Lawyer,  Army Sustainment: Professional Bulletin of  United States Army Logistics, Engineer: Professional Bulletin for Army EngineersFires,  Joint Force Quarterly: A Professional Military Journal, Military Law Reveiw: Professional Journal of the US ArmyParameters: United States Army War College Quarterly, Prism: Journal of the Center for Complex Operations, and Warrior Citizen: Journal of the Army Reserve

Here you will find select featured print subscriptions for military journals and magazines produced by the US Air Force (USAF):  Air Force Civil Engineer, Air Force Comptroller, Air Foce Law ReviewCitizen Airman: Official Magazine of the Air Force Reserve, and Mobility Forum: Air Mobility Command's Magazine.  

 Lastly, print subscriptions produced by the Department of Navy and the Marine Corps include: Naval Aviation News: Flagship Publication of Aviation NewsUndersea Warfare: The Official Magazine of the United States Submarine Force,  and Marine Corps History


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