FAA Safety Briefing

FAA Safety Briefing
FAA Safety Briefing
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The FAA Safety Briefing magazine provides updates on major Federal Aviation Administration rule changes and proposed changes, as well as refresher information on flight rules, maintenance airworthiness, avionics, accident analysis, and other topics. A must-have for pilots, air traffic controllers, airplane maintenance personnel and anyone involved in ensuring flying safely.  Sign up for a subscription today!

6 issues per year. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. Subscription service begins with the first issue after the order is processed. Copies of the latest 3 issues are retained in stock for individual purchase. Single copy, $8.00; foreign single copy, $11.20. Covers all types of aircraft. STANDING ORDER LIST ID: FAN.

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For regulations relating to the Federal Aviation Administration, please refer to the most recent volume of the Code of Federal Regulations. 

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Table of Contents

2 Jumpseat: an executive policy perspective

3 ATIS: GA news and current events

5 Aeromedical Advisory: a checkup on all things aeromedical

6 Condition Inspection: a look at specific medical conditions

19 Checklist: FAA resources and safety reminders 26 Drone Debrief: drone safety roundup

27 Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: GA maintenance issues

28 Angle of Attack: GA safety strategies

30 Vertically Speaking: safety issues for rotorcraft pilots

31 Flight Forum: letters from the Safety Briefing mailbag

32 Postflight: an editor’s perspective Inside back cover FAA Faces: FAA employee profile



Target audience are pilots, air traffic controllers, airplane maintenance personnel, anyone involved in ensuring flying safely, and airplane and aviation enthusiasts.

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Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration
O/N 10-002. On cover: Aviation Safety From Cover to Cover. Title is chaning with the March/April 21010 issue. QC011Y2 QC012V3 QC013R3
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