When Your Parent Has Cancer

When Your Parent Has Cancer
When Your Parent Has Cancer
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If your parent has cancer – this guide is for you. It shares insights that have helped other teens. Whether your parent was just diagnosed with cancer or is about to complete cancer treatment – this guide meets you where you’re at. It shares emotions that teens commonly experience and offers strategies to deal with these feelings. Teens who want to learn more about cancer and cancer treatments will appreciate the technical chapters in this guide.

Developed with, and reviewed by, teens who have a parent with cancer, this guide includes quotes from teens, checklists, and questions to help you learn more. This guide received the NIH Plain Language Award.

Agency website: https://www.cancer.gov/

Table of Contents

• Learning about cancer

• Cancer treatment

• What your parent may be feeling

• Changes in your family

• Taking care of yourself

• Finding support

• You and your friends

• How you can help your parent

• After treatment

• The road ahead

• Learning more on your own

• Cancer team members

• Monitoring Tests

• Glossary


Teens who have a parent with cancer

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