United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14811, Senate Reports Nos. 1-39

United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14811, Senate Reports Nos. 1-39
United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14811, Senate Reports Nos. 1-39
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The Serial Set contains the House and Senate Documents and the House and Senate Reports. This volume includes Senate Reports from 108th Congress, 1st Session, 2003.

Table of Contents

1. Summary of legislative and oversight activities, 107th Congress, Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Senate

2. Protect Act of 2003

3. Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2003

4. Miami Circle/Biscayne National Park

5. Florida National Forest Land Management Act of 2003

6. Noxious Weed Control Act of 2003

7. Galisteo Basin Archaeological Sites Protection Act

8. Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark Act

9. Coltsville Study Act of 2003

10. Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park Addition Act of 2003

11. Care Act of 2003

12. Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003

13. Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2003

14. Grand Tenton National Park Land Exchange Act

15. Rancho Corral de Tierra Golden Gate National Recreation Area Boundary Adjustment Act

16. Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal Land Conveyance Act of 2003

17. Use, etc., of funds awarded to Gila River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

18. Approve settlement of water rights claims of Zuni Indian Tribe, Apache County, Arizona

19. Legislative activities report, Committee on Foreign Relations, Senate, 107th Congress

20. Cesar Estrada Chavez Study Act

21. High Plains Aquifer Hydrogeologic Characterization, Mapping, Modeling, and Monitoring Act

22. Hydroelectric projects, State of Illinois

23. Mount Naomi Wilderness Boundary Adjustment Act

24. Catoctin Mountain National Recreation Area Designation Act

25. Rim of Valley Corridor Study Act

26. Wind Cave National Park Boundary Revision Act of 2003

27. Hydroelectric Project, State of Illinois

28. Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act of 2003

29. Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2003

30. History, jurisdiction, summary of activities, of Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Senate, 107th Congress

31. Report on activities, Committee on Finance, Senate, 107th Congress

32. Report on activities, Committee on Armed Services, Senate, 107th Congress

33. Supplemental appropriations to support Department of Defense operations in Iraq, Department of Homeland Security, related efforts for fiscal 2003

34. Digital and Wireless Network Technology Program Act of 2003

35. Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act of 2003

36. Clean Diamond Trade Act

37. Caring for Children Act of 2003

38. Air Cargo Security Improvement Act

39. Foreign Relations Authorization Act, fiscal 2004


This may be of interest to members of Congress and other members of government, policymakers, lawyers, and law students.

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