United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14748, Senate Reports Nos. 225-291

United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14748, Senate Reports Nos. 225-291
United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14748, Senate Reports Nos. 225-291
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The Serial Set contains the House and Senate Documents and the House and Senate Reports. This volume includes Senate Reports from 107th Congress, 2nd Session, 2002.

Table of Contents

225. District of Columbia Appropriations Bill, 2003

226. Protecting America's Pensions Act of 2002

227. Comprehensive Tuberculosis Elimination Act of 2001

228. Water Investment Act of 2002

229. Department of Veterans Affairs Emergency Preparedness Act of 2002

230. Small Business Drought Relief Act

231. Veterans Long-Term Care and Mental Health Programs Enhancement Act of 2002

232. Safe Rails Act of 2001

233. Mothers and Newborns Health Insurance Act of 2002

234. Veterans Hearing Loss Compensation Act of 2002

235. Over-the-Road Bus Security Grant Program

236. Native American Small Business Development Act

237. Real Interstate Driver Equity Act of 2001

238. Railroad Track Modernization Act of 2002

239. Cyber Security Research and Development Act

240. Online Personal Privacy Act

241. Hazmat Endorsement Requirements Act

242. National Employee Savings and Trust Equity Guarantee Act

243. Mercury Reduction Act of 2002

244. Brownfield Site Redevelopment Assistance Act of 2002

245. Eliminate Colorectal Cancer Act of 2001

246. Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996

247. Improve programs relative to Native Americans

248. Native American Commercial Driving and Technical Assistance Act

249. Indian Financing Amendments Act of 2002

250. Authorize integration, etc., of alcohol and substance abuse programs and services provided by Indian tribal governments

251. Small Business Procurement Ombudsman Act of 2002

252. Use and distribution of funds awarded to Quinault Indian Nationa under U.S. Claims Court Dockets, 772-71, 773-71, 774-71, and 775-71

253. Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal Land Conveyance Act

254. French Colonial Heritage Area Study Act

255. Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park and Gunnison Gorge National COnservation Area Boundary Revision Act of 2002

256. Coltsville Study Act of 2002

257. Rim of the Valley Corridor Study Act

258. Enhanced Protection of Our Cultural Heritage Act of 2002

259. National Historic Trails studies

260. Homestead National Monument of America Additions Act

261. Cold War sites and resources

262. Buffalo Bayou National Heritage Area Study Act

263. Metacomet-Monadnock-Mattabesett Trail Study Act of 2001

264. Waco Mammoth Site Area

265. Family Opportunity Act of 2002

266. Motor Vehicle Franchise Contract Arbitration Fairness Act

267. George Washington Birthplace National Monument 

268. Mni Wiconi Rural Water Supply Project

269. National Recronstruction Study Area Act of 2002

270. National Park of American Samoa

271. Fallon Rail Freight Loading Facility Transfer Act

272. Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park Addition Act of 2002

273. Virginia Key Beach Park, Biscayne Bay, Florida

274. Virginia River Dinosaur Footprint Preserve Act

275. Russian River Land Act

276. National Trails System Willing Seller Act

277. Deschutes and Crook Counties, Oregon

278. Afghanistan Freedom Support Act of 2002

279. San Gabriel River Watersheds Study Act

280. Cape Fox Land Entitlement Adjustment Act of 2002

281. Noxious Weed Control Act of 2002

282. Finger Lakes National Forest

283. Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2002

284. Wallowa Lake Dam Rehabilitation and Water Management Act of 2001

285. Tuf Shur Bien Preservation Trust Area Act

286. Omnibus National Heritage Area Act of 2002

287. Lease Lot Conveyance Act of 2002

288. Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Facilities Act

289. Klamath Basin Emergency Operation and Maintenance Refund Act of 2001

290. Community Character Act of 2002

291. National Science Foundation Doubling Act


This may be of interest to members of Congress and other members of government, policymakers, lawyers, and law students.

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