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Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Training Support Package (TSWG Controlled Item)

Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Training Support Package (TSWG Controlled Item)
Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Training Support Package (TSWG Controlled Item)
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The Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Training Support Package (TSP) is a three-ring binder that contains a 396-page instructor manual, a CSI-style introduction to Site Exploitation DVD, and a CD-ROM containing all course materials and printable student materials to be used in classroom instruction principally for military personnel on site exploitation (SE) procedures and methodology during SE operations.

The TSE TSP includes:

  • 400-page printed Instructor Guide; 3-ring binder with front and back covers, pages are laminated and double-side printed; tabbed, color-coded page dividers separate the section and lessons
  • 1 DVD containing:
    • Instructor Guide (print ready electronic version)
    •  Student Guide (print ready electronic version)
    •  Separate folders for printable .pdf versions of the Instructor Guide and Student Guide, PowerPoint presentations and instructional videos, and additional instructional resources
    •  Full length, classroom support video
    •  All information/specifications required to publish, edit, and/or reproduce the TSE TSP materials.

Target audience are instructors of U.S. Marine Corps Tactical Site Exploitation training programs.

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