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Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Best Practices Guide

Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Best Practices Guide
Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) Best Practices Guide
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The Tactical Site Exploitation Best Practices Guide is a field guide for use by military and other Federal agencies for overseas evidence collection purposes. This guide provides best practices for conducting a systematic search of a secure location to enable the collection of evidence and information that can be used in the prosecution and conviction of detainees, as well as the development of tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence information. The Best Practices Guide is composed of:

  • Front and back covers are 5.5x7 inch heavy card stock laminated on the printed (outer) side only
  • 55 pages with 2-sided printing (total 110 pages) on 5x7 inch weather/tear resistant paper
  • 16 tabbed pages, 3 tabs across from left to right, 5.5x7 inch weather/tear resistant paper
  • Coil bound on the left side

This guide is for use by military leaders, federal agencies, intelligence specialists, and others involved with national security.

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