The United States Government Publishing Office Style Manual 2016 Paperback

GPO Style Manual: An Official Guide to the Form and Style of Federal Government Publishing 2016 (Paperback)

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Published since 1894, the GPO Style Manual is issued under the authority of section 1105 of title 44 of the U.S. Code by the Director of the GPO. The Manual is prepared by the GPO Style Board as a guide to the style and form of Federal Government publishing. The GPO Style Manual has become a major reference source for professionals involved in the field of Federal printing and publishing. Designed to achieve uniform word and type treatment and economy of word use in the form and style of Government printing, the Manual has become widely recognized by writers and editors within and outside the Federal Government as one of the most useful resources in the editorial arsenal.

Table of Contents

Chapter Page
About This Manual v
GPO’s Digital Information Initiatives  ix
1. Advice to Authors and Editors . 1
2. General Instructions  7
3. Capitalization Rules  27
4. Capitalization Examples45
5. Spelling  81
6. Compounding Rules  97
7. Compounding Examples 111
8. Punctuation  193
9. Abbreviations and Letter Symbols 221
Standard word abbreviations  238
Standard letter symbols for units of measure 248
Standard Latin abbreviations  252
Information technology acronyms and initialisms 256
10. Signs and Symbols  263
11. Italic 269
12. Numerals273
13. Tabular Work 285
14. Leaderwork 303
15. Footnotes, Indexes, Contents, and Outlines 307
16. Datelines, Addresses, and Signatures 313
17. Useful Tables 325
U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents 325
State Populations and Their Capitals 326
Principal Foreign Countries 327
Demonyms: Names of Nationalities 337
Currency 339
Metric and U.S. Measures 345
Common Measures and Their Metric Equivalents 346
Measurement Conversion 347
18. Geologic Terms and Geographic Divisions 349
19. Congressional Record 377
Congressional Record Index 413
20. Reports and Hearings 425
Index 441


Audience: Writers, editors, and others in the publishing industry, especially Federal publishing, would find this manual useful.

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