Silent Partners: Organized Crime, Irregular Groups, and Nation-States

Silent Partners: Organized Crime, Irregular Groups, and Nation-States
Silent Partners: Organized Crime, Irregular Groups, and Nation-States
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“Silent Partnerships”, a term coined by British author Dr. Shima Keene succinctly defines the collaboration between non-state actors, organized crime, and subversive elements of host nations”.

Threats to world peace have become increasingly daunting as the interaction between nation states and non-state transnational organized crime groups (OCGs) act in concert to dismember cooperation between democratic nations, foster political instability, and successfully engage in criminal cyber-attacks on economic institutions

The global threat environment is becoming increasingly complex, as it is now difficult to determine exactly who the enemy is today? The result: the U.S. military establishment now faces adversaries increasingly challenging to even define.

This new and deadly phenomena of “Silent Partners” are not in the promotion business, rather they remain as undetectable and anonymous as possible, letting their actions be their driving force and ultimate objectives. You will learn about the dynamics and how these silent partnerships operate within this work.

It provides a brief history about organized crime groups, nation states, irregular groups, and their relationship with one another. To understand their network and corruption that impacts peace keeping missions and state-building interventions.

The publication provides the substance necessary for a healthy debate among America’s allies and, at home, within the U.S. defense community on how to plan and shape future U.S. peace and stability operations.

Author Dr. Keene ends this insightful analysis with an appeal for a new approach and thinking to address the threats to all peace-loving democratic societies with the following recommendations:

1: Recognize OCGs as a threat to U.S. Army operations.

2: Widen the scope of network analysis.

3: Tackle corruption.

4: Address intelligence knowledge gaps.

5: Provide training and education.

6: Adopt an integrated approach. Reach out.

7: Prepare for unintended consequences.

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U.S. Army policy, theater level operations, and intelligence officers, members of Congress with defense oversight responsibilities, international military policy officials, and globally oriented “think tank” consultants, educators and students of military, political science, and international relations.

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