Radical Islamist English-language Online Magazines

Radical Islamist English-language Online Magazines
Radical Islamist English-Language Online Magazines: Research Guide, Strategic Insights, and Policy Response
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This publication provides an overview of several popular Radical Islamist English Language Online magazines available through the internet. The online magazines within this text include:

  • Jihad Recollections (Al-Queda Affinity)
  • Defenders of the Truth (Al Mosul Islamic Network Al Queda
  • Inspire (AQAP)
  • Gaidi Mtanani (Al Shabaab)
  • Azan (Taliban/Tehrik + Taliban Pakistan)
  • Dabig (Islamic State)
  • Resurgence (AQIS)
  • And more

The glossary of Arabic terms and appendices that provide additional historical chronology and foreign terrorist organizational allegiance may appeal to military strategists, foreign affairs policy makers, intelligence communities, and foreign language experts, students pursuing courses in national security, such as conflict corruption Middle East studies may find this text suitable for research or supplemental reading.

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Table of Contents

Foreword ix

About the Authors  xi

Summary  xiii

Radical Islamist English-language Online Magazines: Research Guide, Strategic Insights, and Policy Response 1

Online Magazine Profiles 6

Jihad Recollections (al-Qaeda Affinity) 7

Defenders of the Truth (Al Mosul Islamic Network; al-Qaeda) 10

Inspire (AQAP) 12

Gaidi Mtaani (al Shabaab) 18

Azan (Taliban/Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) 22

Dabiq (Islamic State) 26

Resurgence (AQIS) 32

Amka (al Shabaab—al-Muhajiroun component) 34

Al-Risalah (al-Nusrah Front) 36

Additional Online Magazines  38

Islamic State News (ISN) and Islamic State Reports (ISR) and eBooks  54

Comparative Analysis 68

Al-Qaeda (Inspire) Narratives  .69

Islamic State (Dabiq) Narratives 91

Strategic Insights  123

Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Online Magazine Clusters .123

Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Strategic Approaches 129

Policy Response 135

Environmental Motivators 137

Production 137

End Product 138

Distribution 139

Outcomes 139

Endnotes 143

Glossary of Arabic Terms  165

Appendix I .191

Radical Islamist Online Magazine Chronology 191

Appendix II 197

xix Radical Islamist English-Language Online Magazine’s allegiance and Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) affiliation .197

Endnotes – Appendix II . 198


Federal, state, local officials engaged in relations within the Muslim communities they serve, social and religious leaders and activists, instructors, professors, guidance counsellors with Muslim students on campus or scholarly studies at the college or graduate level, federal civilian or military serving in Muslim nations.

Due to the strategic insights and policy response recommendations found within it, considered by the Strategic Studies Institute to be of great interest to U.S. Army organizations engaged in offensive and defensive operations against these terrorist entities as well as the broader U.S. strategic community, especially within counterterrorism and homeland security agencies.

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  • Bunker, Robert J.
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