Modernizing Learning: Building the Future Learning Ecosystem

Modernizing Learning: Building the Future Learning Ecosystem
Modernizing Learning: Building the Future Learning Ecosystem
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Modernizing Learning: Building the Future Learning Ecosystem is an implementation blueprint for connecting learning experiences across time and space. This co-created plan represents an advancement of how and where learning will occur in the future. Extensive learning and technological research has been conducted across the myriad disciplines and communities needed to develop this holistic maturation of the learning continuum. These advancements have created the opportunity for formal and informal learning experiences to be accessible anywhere, anytime, and to be personalized to individual needs. However, for full implementation and maximal benefits for learners of all ages and within all communities to be achieved, it is necessary to centralize and coordinate the required connections across technology, learning science, and the greater supporting structures. Accordingly, the ADL Initiative has taken the lead in this coordination process, connecting Government, Military, Academia, Industry, and K-12 teachers, instructors, technologists, researchers, and implementers to create and execute a coordinated transition process. Input was included from stakeholders, communities, and supporting entities which will be involved in this advancement of the life-long learning ecosystem. Year/Pages: 2019/414.

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Table of Contents


Ch. 1 Modernizing Learning 3

Ch. 2 History of Distributed Learning 17

Ch. 3 Distributed Learning Instructional Theories 43

Ch.4 Lifelong Learning 61

Ch. 5 Learning Experience Design 93


Ch. 6 Interoperability 107

Ch. 7 Data Security 129

Ch.8 Learner Privacy 143

Ch. 9 Analytics and Visualization 163

Ch.10 Personalization 181


Ch.11 Assessment and Feedback 203

Ch.12 Instructional Strategies for the Future 223

Ch.13 Competency-Based Learning 243

Ch.14 Social Learning 269

Ch.15 Self-Regulated Learning 285


Ch.16 Instructional Designers and Learning Engineers 301

Ch.17 Governance for Learning Ecosystems 317

Ch.18 Culture Change 339

Ch.19 Strategic Planning 357

Endnotes 388


US Government and academia


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