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Redemption values for United States Savings Bonds.

This commission was created in 1984 by Congress to collect, analyze, and distribute a broad array of information on federal sentencing practices. It amends sentencing guidelines for the judicial branch and assists other branches of the U.S. Federal Government in developin effective and efficient crime policy.

What is the U.S. Tax Court?  

The mission of the United States Tax Court is to provide a national forum for the expeditious resolution of disputes between taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service that allows for careful consideration of the merits of each case and ensures a uniform interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code. The Court is committed to providing taxpayers, most of whom are self-represented, with a convenient place of trial and, when their disputes involve relatively small amounts of tax, simplified procedures.  The Court consists of nineteen (19) presidentially-appointed members. All of the judges have expertise in the tax laws and apply that expertise in a manner to ensure that taxpayers are assessed only what they owe, and no more.   (citation: United States Tax Court)

The U.S. Army was established by a resolution of the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775 to coordinate the military efforts of the Thirteen Colonies in their struggle against the rule of Great Britain. Since its establishment, the U.S. Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of our nation.


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