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Are you concerned about a natural or environmental disaster that may occur in your city, state, county, or town?  EMT, firemen, police, and Federal, state or municipal community planners are often dispatched to the scene to place alerts for disaster safety, emergency medicine, or handling HAZMAT exposure in situations, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, hurricanes, or other weather incident to assist you in these situations. 

In these types of events, you may need to rely on official resource guidance in areas of rescue operations, rebuilding, renovations, and more.

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Are you looking for official information about America's policy on the topic of Energy & Fuels?  In this official collection, you will find resoruces ranging from energy policy documents to include nuclear energy with resources about Three Mile Island, critical infrastructure planning in Latin America, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Digests, and print subscription, global oil market, nuclear power, oil spill reports, gas consumption and utilities, annual references relating to energy outlook, and regulations and procedures relating within 10 CFR Energy

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