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The following publications from the U.S. Government provide pertinent information that encourages the incorporation of a healthy lifestyle. Products include cookbooks that provide recipes for healthier eating; guides that give tips for shaving off extra pounds; booklets that educate people on nutrients contained in certain foods; data on which foods to avoid to control sugar and salt intake and much more. These publications help promote a healthy diet to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Federal publications for or about physically or mentally impaired individuals.

From the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, the Discover MyPlate Emergent Readers series include six interactive eBooks featuring kindergarten-level sight words that help children build literacy skills while learning about the five food groups and MyPlate.

These free eBooks include audio narration that highlights the text as it’s read aloud, drawing and coloring palettes, colorful characters, and interactive games and mazes.

What is the Government's guidance relating to Diseases & Pandemics?  You will find an abundance of information relating to different diseases, such as  AIDS/HIV, cancer, diabetes & obesity, Clinical Prevention Services, top health issues for LGBT population,  population health, Health Statistics on prescription drugs, Health Statistics on Emergency Care, Health Statistics with special feature on Medical Technology, Physician References and Handbooks, resources for nurses,  Opioid treatment, men's health, women's health, and more.

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