Taxes, Audits & Accounting

In this authoritative collection, you can find out more about requirements for taxes, audits and also accounting practices within the Federal Government.  

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) income tax forms are updated annually and included as part of this essential collection for tax preparation.  You will also find several official 26 CFR volumes that include regulatory guidance, such as:

  • income tax
  • estate and gift taxes
  • employment taxes
  • excise taxes,
  • preocedures, rules, practices, and more.

Several volumes relating to the Reports of the United States Tax Court volumes that provide taxpayers with abstracts and opinions and disputes over federal income tax and tax assessments are available within this in this collection.

Check out the latest edition of the Government Auditing Standards !

Don't forget to download a free eBook, United States Tax Court: An Historical Analysis avaialble in ePub format ISBN: 9780160928482 and MOBI format ISBN: 9780160928499 to learn more about the role the U.S. Tax Court played in the development of Federal tax law, its procedures, and jurisdiction through present day. 

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