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Searching for Federal rules and regulations? The U.S. Government Publishing Office is a prime source to best serve your legal reference and research needs. Key publications in this collection include the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), the Federal Register, and the Congressional Record Bound and Daily editions, plus United States Reports and United States Statutes at Large, all covering official and authentic legal citations of Federal regulatory information.

You will also find Business Law that includes Copyright Law, Labor & Employment Law, Occupational Safety & Health Laws & Regulations, Patents & Trademarks, and Transportation Law, plus IRS Laws & US Tax Code.

Federal Court opinions and reports can be found here including Supreme Court Reports & Slip Opinions, U.S. Court of International Trade and U.S. Tax Court, as well as Judiciary & Judicial Procedure.

In addition, find Civil Rights & Equal Opportunity (EEO), Constitutional LawEthics & Code of Conduct, Federal Contracting & Budgeting Law, Military Law, Privacy, Public Affairs & FOIA, Public Laws, Sentencing & Incarceration, even some State Laws.

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