Security on this Site

Site security is the concept of monitoring network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information on GPO's servers.

In the case that suspicious activity of this sort arises, a user's personal information may be tracked to identify a possible threat. This is the only reason that GPO will ever collect personal information and/or monitor user activity without asking permission or giving prior notice.

Note: To assist users in finding official Government information, we provide links to other Web sites. Once users have left GPO Access and entered another site, they are subject to the policies and legal notices on that site. Secure Federal Payment Portal is the Federal Government's own secure payment processing system for ecommerce that provides extra levels of protection for online shopping.

It is a web-based application allowing you to fill out and submit forms online as well as make online payments to government agencies by credit card or by debit from your checking or savings account.

How will it work on this site? If you choose to major credit card as your payment method on our online bookstore website, after reviewing the order, you will be automatically taken to the site to complete the transaction. There you will provide your address and credit card data for processing. 


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