War In The Shallows: U.s. Navy And Riverine Warfare In Vietnam, 1965-1968 (paperback)

War In The Shallows: U.s. Navy And Riverine Warfare In Vietnam, 1965-1968 (paperback)
War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965-1968 (Paperback)
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At the height of the U.S. Navy’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the Navy’s coastal and riverine forces included more than 30,000 Sailors and over 350 patrol vessels ranging in size from riverboats to destroyers. These forces developed the most extensive maritime blockade in modern naval history and fought pitched battles against Viet Cong units in the Mekong Delta and elsewhere. War in the Shallows explores the operations of the Navy’s three inshore task forces from 1965 to 1968. It also delves into other themes such as basing, technology, tactics, and command and control. Finally, using oral history interviews, it reconstructs deckplate life in South Vietnam, focusing in particular on combat waged by ordinary Sailors. Vietnam was the bloodiest war in recent naval history and War in the Shallows strives above all else to provide insight into the men who fought it and honor their service and sacrifice.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 Early Years
Origins of the Vietnam Navy and the Naval Advisory Group
Establishment of the Coastal Force
River Force
Sea Force
Vietnam Navy in the 1963 Coup
Barrier Patrols and the Bucklew Report
Navy SEALs in Vietnam
The Vung Ro Incident
End of Tour

Chapter 2 Coastal Warfare, 1965–1966
First Patrols
Vietnam Navy in Crisis: 1965
American Role Expands
Coast Guard Support for Market Time
Arrival of the PCFs
Tale of Two Swift Boats
Postscript: The Arnheiter Affair

Chapter 3 War on the Rivers: Game Warden, 1966–1967
LCPLs in the Rung Sat
The PBR Story
Basing and Base Life
YRBM 16 Mining
Naval Intelligence Liaison Officers
Civic Action
PBR Combat Experiences
War Escalates on the Rivers

Chapter 4 Mobile Riverine Force
Origins, Training, and Command Relationships
Boats of the Mobile Riverine Force
Bases Afloat and Ashore Bases
Operational Tactics and Rules of Engagement
Initial Operations
Coronado V: Rach Ba Rai
Coronado IX: Rach Ruong

Chapter 5 War on the Coast, 1967
Market Time Sitrep
Vietnam Navy and Market Time
Market Time Naval Gunfire Support
Fog of War
Point Welcome Incident
More Friendly Fire Attacks
Asheville-class Patrol Gunboats
Trawler Intercepts
Demise of Coastal Group 16
PSYOPs and Civic Action
PSYOPs Mission: 6 December 1967

Chapter 6 Tet, 1968
The Man at the Center of the Storm
Storm Clouds
My Tho
Ben Tre
Vinh Long
Can Tho
Postscript: Task Force Clearwater during Tet


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This content may appeal to Naval/military historians, Vietnam War researchers, Vietnam veterans, and others who may have an interest in the U.S. Navy's role in the Vietnam War.

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