V,49 #1 & 2 Spring-summer 2019; Parameters

V,49 #1 & 2 Spring-summer 2019; Parameters
Parameters, The U.S Army War College Quarterly, V. 49 N0. 1-2 Spring-Summer 2019
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This edition  new issue of Parameters, the voice of the U.S. Army War College, is now available!  The Spring-Summer 2019 Volume features three highly relevant subjects to better understand today’s increasingly volatile and complex global political and military operating environment.  Key articles featured include:

  • A2/AD Myths: Chinese & Russian
  • Enhancing Security & Stability
  • On Strategic Foundations

These subjects cover hot topics facing U.S. military and political strategists of a geopolitical nature from strategies to deter the rapid incursion of China across the South China Sea; according to the author, Sam Tangredi, the “myth” of Russia’s “A2/AD”acronym that stands for anti-access/anti-denial positions within China’s strategy and explores whether the U.S. military should explore similar operations to better defend Eastern European nations, and two articles by Richard Lacquement Jr. how “pattern recognition” might guide action in “unfamiliar intellectual terrain”.

It also includes thirteen compelling book reviews ranging in content from “Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military”, to, “The Ethics of War and Peace Revisited”, to, “Sons of Freedom: the Forgotten American Soldiers Who Defeated Germany in World War I”, and more.

Numerous maps help define the geographic centers where these subjects are focused.

For More U. S. Army War College Sources click Here.

Table of Contents

5 Anti-Access Strategiesin the Pacific: The United States and China

21 Russia’s A2/AD Capabilities: Real and Imagined

37 Human Security in the Arctic: Implications for the United States Army

51 Projecting Stability: A Deployable NATO Police Command

59 Analogical Thinking: The Sine Qua Non for Using History Well

69 Reconsidering Sun Tzu

81 On “Social Media Warriors: Leveraging a New Battlespace”

82 The Authors Reply


Military and federal government leadership engaged in policy making and strategic thinking regarding the U. S. Military future operations and goals could utilize this reference. Historians and students of military history, military science,and strategic thinking, may interest civilians and veterans.

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