U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook 2014

U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook 2014
U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook 2014
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The Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (IMH) is designed to assist Coast Guard personnel in the use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) during response operations and planned events. The Incident Management Handbook is an easy reference job aid for responders. It is not a policy document, but rather guidance for response personnel.

The Incident Management Handbook includes revisions informed by references (b) through (m), after action reports and lessons learned published after 2005, an internal field level review, and an external review by federal, state, local, and private sector maritime partners.

The Incident Management Handbook is organized so that the generic information, such as operational processes, assessment checklists, and command responsibilities that may be applicable to all types of responses are located at the front of the document, chapters 1 through 15. The remainder text of this comprehensive reference resource, features chapters 16 through 24, that is divided into supplements tailored to eight types of incidents the Coast Guard is likely to respond:
• Marine Transportation System Recovery
• Maritime Security/Antiterrorism
• Search and Rescue
• Mass Casualty/Mass Rescue
• Oil Spill
• Hazardous Substance Release (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear)
• Marine Fire and Salvage
• Event Management

Each chapter also provides incident-specific job descriptions that have proven valuable in past response operations and includes multiple agency coordination at the local, state, and Federal level, and/or other partners, if the incident warrants this type of response.

Acronyms are used extensively throughout this Handbook; an acronym list can be found in chapter 25.  This volume is a print bestseller in previous year editions!

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Common Responsibilities
Chapter 3
Operational Planning Cycle
Chapter 4
Command and Control Decisions
Chapter 5
Unified Command
Chapter 6
Command Staff
Chapter 7
Operations Section
Chapter 8
Planning Section
Chapter 9
Intelligence/Investigations Section
Chapter 10
Logistics Section
Chapter 11
Finance/Administration Section
Chapter 12
Information Management
Chapter 13
Organizational Guides
Chapter 14
Area Command
Chapter 15
Multiagency Coordination under NRF(National Response Framework)
Chapter 16
Marine Transportation System Recovery
Chapter 17
Maritime Security (Antiterrorism)
Chapter 18
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Chapter 19
Mass Casualty/Mass Rescue
Chapter 20
Oil Spill
Chapter 21
Hazardous Substance
Chapter 22
Marine Fire and Salvage
Chapter 23
Event Management
and National Special Security Events (NSSEs)
Chapter 24
Coast Guard NIMS ICS Forms List
Chapter 25
Glossary, Incident Typing, Acronyms,
Map/Chart Symbology, and Conversions and Equivalents


This resource is essential for United States Coast Guard response personnel from any component of the US Coast Guard/USCG-Active Duty, Reserve, Auxiliary, or Civilian Employees. Responders should have a basic understanding of National Incident Management System (IMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) to ensure they can operate effectively within an Incident Command System organization and use this Incident Management Handbook properly. This document is intended to provide operational guidance to Coast Guard personnel and is not intended to, nor does it, impose legally-binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard.

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