United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14947, Senate Reports Nos. 142-212

United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14947, Senate Reports Nos. 142-212
United States Congressional Serial Set, Serial No. 14947, Senate Reports Nos. 142-212
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The Serial Set contains the House and Senate Documents and the House and Senate Reports. This volume includes Senate Reports from 109th Congress, 1st Session, 2005.

Table of Contents

142. Intelligence Authorization Act, fiscal 2006

143. Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2005

144. Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail Designation Act of 2005

145. Columbia Space Shuttle Memorial Study Act of 2005

146. Betty Dick Residence Protection Act

147. Benjamin Franklin National Memorial Commemoration Act of 2005

148. Rural Water Supply Act of 2005

149. Franklin National Battlefield Study Act

150. Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Act

151. Acadia National Park Improvement Act of 2005

152. Public Lands Corps healthy forests restoration

153. Delaware National Coastal Special Resources Study Act

154. Cape Lookout National Seashore free-roaming horse law amendment

155. Caribbean National Forest Act of 2005

156. Department of Interiror Volunteer Recruitment Act of 2005

157. Angel Island Immigration Station Restoration and Preservation Act

158. Participation of employees in judicial branch in Federal leave transfer program for disasters and emergencies

159. Amend Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996, modify grant program to improve sanitation in rural and Native villages in Alaska

160. Native American Housing Enhancement Act of 2005

161. National Geologic Mapping Reauthorization Act of 2005

162. Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Act

163. Fort Stanton-Snowy River National Cave Conservation Area Act

164. Deschutes River Conservancy Reauthorization Act of 2005

165. Little Butte/Bear Creek Subbasins Water Feasibility Act

166. Rio Arriba County Land Conveyance Act

167. Glendo Unit of Missouri River Basin Project Contract Extension Act of 2005

168. Pactola Reservoir Reallocation Authorization Act of 2005

169. Nebraska Water Service Extension

170. Alaska Water Resources Act of 2005

171. Catoctin Mountain National Recreation Area Designation Act

172. Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Public Land Order correction

173. Intelligence Authorization Act, fiscal 2006

174. National Employee Savings and Trust Equity Guarantee Act

175. Direct Secretary of Interior, convey land in trust for Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah to Richfield, Utah

176. Further revised allocation to subcommittees of budget totals from concurrent resolution, fiscal 2006

177. Veterans' Health Care Act of 2005

178. Meeting Housing and Service Needs of Seniors Act of 2005

179. Coastal Barrier Resources Reauthorization Act of 2005

180. Vet Center Enhancement Act of 2005

181. Ballast Water Management Act of 2005

182. Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2005

183. Maritime Administration Enhancement Act of 2005

184. Further revised allocation to subcommittees of budget totals from concurrent resolution, fiscal 2006

185. Long Island Sound Stewardship Act of 2005

186. Water Infrastructure Financing Act

187. Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2005

188. Newlands Project Headquarters and Maintenance Yard Facility Transfer Act

189. Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic River Study Act of 2005

190. Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief Act of 1991

191. James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge Expansion Act of 2005

192. Wichita Project Equus Beds Division Authorization Act of 2005

193. Musconetcong Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

194. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Natural Gas Pipeline Enlargement Act

195. Land conveyed by U.S. to Eastern Washington University

196. Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basin Endangered Fish Recovery Programs Reauthorization Act of 2005

197. Southern Oregon Bureau of Reclamation Repayment Act of 2005

198. Water Supply Technology Program Act of 2005

199. United States-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act

200. Spokane Tribe of Indians, Spokane Reservation Grand Coulee Dam Equitable Compensation Settlement Act

201. Amend Public Law 107-153 to modify date

202. Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005

203. Identity Theft Protection Act

204. Warning, Alert, and Response Network Act

205. Recruit and retain more qualified individuals to teach in tribal colleges or universities

206. Amend Act of December 22, 1974 (Navajo and Hopi Indian Land Settlement Act)

207. Further revised allocation to subcommittees of budget totals from Concurrent Resolution for fiscal 2006

208. Amend provision relating to employees of U.S. assigned to, or employed by, Indian tribe

209. Homeland Security Food and Agriculture Act of 2005

210. Truth in Broadcasting Act of 2005

211. IP-Enabled Voice Communications and Public Safety Act of 2005

212. National Health Museum Act of 2005


This may be of interest to members of Congress and other members of government, policymakers, lawyers, and law students.

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