United States Africa Command: The First Ten Years

United States Africa Command: The First Ten Years
United States Africa Command: The First Ten Years
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This illustrated coffee table picture book about the first ten years of the United States Africa Command showcases the hardworking efforts of the U.S. military men and women working with their African counterparts for sustained security engagement and enduring partnerships to promote regional stability.

As you turn the pages of this resource, you will learn about how members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Special Operations Command Africa, and more specialized U.S. forces and African partners worked alongside each other to promote prosperity and stability in Africa. 

Photographic Highlights include:

  • Rescue missions and training exercises
  • Diplomatic engagements
  • Conferences to improve safety and security on the African continent
  • Non-Commissioned Officers training for peacebuilding activities
  • Counter IED Training and more
Table of Contents

Dedication iii

Title Page v

Preface vii

Table of Contents x

A New Command 1

Unified Command Plan 2

Introduction 3

The First Ten Years 4

United States Africa Command The First Ten Years xi

Components and Subordinate Units 13

United States Army Africa 14

United States Marine Corps Forces Africa 16

Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Africa 18

United States Naval Forces Africa 20

United States Air Forces Africa 22

Special Operations Command Africa 24

Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa 26

East Africa Response Force 32

Operating Locations 34

Engagement 39

Diplomatic Engagement 40

Conferences 42

Military-to-Military Engagement 44

National Guard State Partnership Program 46

African Partnership Flight 48

Africa Partnership Station 50

African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership 51

Non-Commissioned Officer Development 52

Logistics Engagement 54

Military Intelligence 56

Chaplain Engagement 58

Women, Peace, and Security 60

xii Security Cooperation Programs 67

Support to Peacekeeping Operations 68

African Union Mission in Somalia 70

Operation Observant Compass 74

Counter-Boko Haram 76

Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance 78

Africa Deployment Assistance Partnership Team 80

Counter-IED Training 82 Foreign Military Sales 84

International Military Education and Training 86

Counter Narcotics 88 Counter-Illict Trafficking 89

Medical Engagement 90 Pandemic Response Program 98

African Partner Outbreak Alliance 100

West Africa Disaster Preparedness Initiative 102

Veterinary Civil Action Program 104

xiii Joint Exercise Program 109

African Lion 110

Western Accord 112

Central Accord 114

Eastern Accord 116

Southern Accord 118

Cutlass Express 120

Obangame Express 122

Saharan Express 124

Phoenix Express 126

Flintlock 128

Silent Warrior 132

Africa Endeavor 134

Contingency Operations 139

Operation Odyssey Dawn 140

Operation Juniper Micron 142

Protection of U.S.

Personnel and Facilities 144

Operation United Assistance 146

Operation Odyssey Lightning 152

Acknowledgments 161

Commanders 163

Deputy to the Commander for Military Operations 164

Command Senior Enlisted Leaders 165

Deputy to the Commander for Civil-Military Engagement 166

Headquarters Chief of Staff 168

True Size of Africa Map 171


Active duty and former members of the U.S. Africa Command, military leadership. congressional military oversight members, senior U.S military officers and adcisers, contractors associated with the Africa Command, international studies professors, instructors and students of African affairs.

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Defense Dept., Headquarters, United States Africa Command, Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany, Public Affairs Office and Command History Office
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