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When most people consider NASA’s achievements, they think of destinations like the Moon, Mars, or the most distant galaxies in the universe. But you don’t have to look that far to appreciate the benefits of space exploration: commercialized NASA technology— known as NASA spinoffs—can be found in your phone, furniture, and car. They have improved nearly every semitrailer truck on the road, airplane in the sky, and tractor working the fields. Indeed, the spinoff benefits from NASA research in space and aeronautics are everywhere and continually accruing. 

Meanwhile, the Space Agency continues to pursue a slate of ambitious missions that, in addition to their exciting scientific value, promise even more public-benefiting spinoffs now and in the future. 

Perhaps the most fruitful areas of technology development and commercial spinoffs, though, are NASA’s efforts in human exploration. The Apollo, Shuttle, and International Space Station programs have given us many of the most ubiquitous commercialized NASA technologies.

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Commercial product developers, consumer product developers and engineers, corporate new product developers and analysts, financial investors in new innovation,  high school through university level professors, instructors and curriculum developers.

Table of Contents

5 Foreword

7 Introduction

8 Executive Summary

20 NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

152 Spinoffs of Tomorrow

174 Technology Transfer Program


24 Sterilizing Fogger Cleans Ambulances with a Breeze

28 Biometric Sensors Optimize Workouts 30 Optimized Imager Tracks Cancer, Stem Cells in Medical Research

32 Weightless "Weight"-Lifting Builds Muscle on Earth

34 Virtual Therapist Offers Out-of-ThisWorld Depression Treatment

36 Compact Spectrometers Unveil Clues to Diagnose Cancer TRANSPORTATION

40 Innovative Design Propels Small Jet Faster, Farther with Less Fuel

43 Design Software Transforms How Commercial Jetliners Are Built

46 Original Cryogenic Engine Still Powers Exploration, Defense, Industry

50 Time-Triggered Ethernet Slims Down Critical Data Systems

52 Simplified Aircraft Modeling Packs Weeks of Analysis into Minutes


56 Radar Device Detects Heartbeats Trapped under Wreckage

60 Surveillance System Captures, Maps Lightning Strikes

64 Virtual Reality Platform Helps Pilots Land in the Sky

66 Autonomous Robots Take On Dangerous Warehouse Jobs

68 Drone Traffic Forecasts Show Commercial Skies of the Future

70 Offshore Oil Workers Learn Survival Skills in Astronaut Training Pool


74 Apollo 11 History Archive Helps Virtual Reality Program Come to Life

77 Light-Induced Oxidation Cleans Air, Surfaces, Clothes

80 Ferrofluid Technology Becomes a Magnet for Pioneering Artists

82 The Martian Garden Recreates Red Planet’s Surface

84 Aerogel Insulation Makes Thinner, Warmer Outerwear

86 Space-Grade Insulation Keeps Beer Colder on Earth

88 High-Efficiency LEDs Grow Crops, Stimulate Alertness

92 Paired Sleep Tracker, Light Therapy Tools Retrain Circadian Rhythms


96 Organic Compound Turns Toxic Waste into Harmless Byproducts

99 LED Lighting Improves Efficiency, Imaging, Cuts Maintenance

102 Plant Food for Space Grows Crops on Earth

104 Remote Sensing Technology Fights Forest Fires Smarter

106 Earth Images Enable Near-Perfect Crop Predictions

108 Micronutrient Formula Strengthens Plants, Increasing Yields

110 Chemical Simulation Software Predicts Climate Change, Air Quality

112 NASA Kite Invention Spurs Ever-Growing Educational Program


116 Planet-Navigating AI "Brain" Helps Drones and Cars Avoid Collisions

118 Early NASA “Dream Computer Program” Still Optimizes Designs

122 2D Analysis Software Clarifies Medical, Weather, Intelligence Images

126 Quake Hunter Maps a Century of Quakes Worldwide

128 Free Aerodynamic Simulation Code Supports Industry, Education

130 Software Models Atmosphere for Spacecraft 131 Software Takes Cost Estimating to the Stars

132 Communication Devices Ease Contact with Commercial Spacecraft

134 Mission Control Software Manages Commercial Satellite Fleets


138 High-Speed Cameras Test Material Performances on Impact

141 External Platform Enables Space Research

142 All-in-One Lab Device Gets New Instruments via Software Update

144 Gold Coating Keeps Oscars Bright

146 3D Printer Aims to Accelerate Materials Development

148 Silicon Diode Sensor Tracks Extreme Temperatures

150 Tunable Filter Grabs Particles and Cells Using Only Light


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