Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (ePub eBook)

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (ePub eBook)
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (ePub eBook)
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A comprehensive reference designed for Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics. Developed as a primary medical information resource and field guide for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) medics, the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook defines the standard of health care delivery under adverse and general field conditions.

It is organized according to symptoms, organ systems, specialty areas, operational environments and procedures. It emphasizes acute care in all its forms (gynecology, general medicine, dentistry, poisonings, infestations, parasitic infections, acute infections, hyper- and hypothermia, high altitude, aerospace, and dive medicine, and much more), as well as including veterinary medicine and sanitation practice under primitive conditions.

It is the work of over 130 contributors and 57 reviewers from both the military and civilian practice. Topics are covered in a consistent subjective/objective/assessment/plan (SOAP) format.

It is heavily illustrated with color for quick identification of dermatologic conditions, insect bites and stings, and exposure problems.

The second edition contains updated and expanded material from the 2001 release, including Pediatrics, Nursing, and ENT Problems.


Target audience are military medical personnel, particularly in hostile environments, including the Special Operations Command (SOCOM).  This is also a useful resource for civilian health care professionals and emergency response teams.

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U.S. Department of Defense, Special Operations Command/ USSOCOM


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