Transatlantic Afghanistan District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, A Year in Pict

Transatlantic Afghanistan District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, A Year in Pictures June 2014-2015

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In this heavily illustrated book, you will find photos showcasing the successes and friendship mementos of the U.S. Army Corps Transatlantic Afghanistan District teams during their 13 months’ journey with this mission.  The team participated in several emerging programs and key tasks to include:

• Execution of the Program (Afghan Special Security Forces, Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund, Military Construction, Commander’s Emergency Response Team)
• Build Afghanistan Capacity (Local National Quality Assurance Representative Program, National Operations & Maintenance Contract, Afghan Builders Association)
• Manage Transitions
• Execute Strategic Communication

Table of Contents:

TAA Mission
TAA History
Leadership Transitions
TAA Workforce
TAA Projects
Distinguished Visitors
TAA Holidays
TAA Family at Work and Play
Those Who Served


About the Author:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Transatlantic Afghanistan District (TAA) was organized on July 9, 2013, by merging the former USACE Afghanistan District North and Afghanistan District South. Since that time, TAA has directly supported the International Security Assistance Force and Resolute Support missions by executing construction for Afghan National Security Forces, Military Construction, the Afghan Infrastructure Fund program, and the Commander’s Emergency Response Program. During TAA’s tenure the district has delivered quality facilities for the Afghan National Army and Police, critical civil infrastructure for the Afghan government, and basic engineering and construction services supporting healthcare, transportation, and education infrastructure for local communities that provide sustainable development projects for the Afghan people that employ the populace, build skilled human capital, and promote the future stability of Afghanistan.

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Audience: U.S. Army Corps Transatlantic Afghanistan District team members, their families, and the Afghan forces that they supported may be interested in this yearbook.  Additionally, large military construction contracts and developers of future military security forces may find this resource helpful in building future operations.  American citizens, Afghanistan War veterans, Middle East construction service contractors, military science and ROTC students may also have an interest in these photos to observe how these areas within Afghanistan have changed, and to explore the types of investments made to rebuild their infrastructure.

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