Science: The Endless Frontier

Science: The Endless Frontier
Science: The Endless Frontier
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If you are a scientist, teacher and student engaged in science history, or anyone interested in learning how science has been supported by federal leadership, you’ll appreciate The National Science Foundation’s Science: The Endless Frontier” as a useful historical resource for today’s scientific community. The author, Vannevar Bush, previously served as Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development for the Foundation, engineered the production of this first-of-its- kind report on the state of science in America. It was originally produced in July 1945, and now back to feature its’ relevancy in modern times.

The report, as well as the studies that support it, represents the collective efforts of a group of distinguished scientists and other scholars following World War II. They brought their special experience and knowledge to bear on the problem of establishing a strong research and development effort in the post war period.

Some key subjects covered within are:

  • The War Against Disease
  • Science and the Public Welfare
  • Renewal of Our Scientific Talent
  • A Problem of Scientific Conversion

Looking to what lay ahead for the nation, after the end of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt validated the importance of science to America’s future with the following quote: "New frontiers of the mind are before us, and if they are pioneered with the same vision, boldness, and drive with which we have waged this war we can create a fuller and more fruitful employment and a fuller and more fruitful life."

Table of Contents

Foreword iii

Introduction vii

Letter of Transmittal 1

President Roosevelt's Letter 3

Summary of the Report 5

Part One:

Introduction: Scientific Progress is Essential 10

Science is a Proper Concern of Go\ ernment 11

Government Relations to Science—Past .md Future 11

Freedom of Inquiry Must be Preserved 12

Part Two:

The War Against Disease:

In War 13

In Peace 13

Unsolved Problems 14

Broad and Basic Studies Needed 14

Coordinated Attack on Social Problems 14

Action is Necessary 15

Part Three:

Science mid the Piddic Welfare Relation to National Sccuiitx 17

Science and Jobs 18

The Importance of Basic Research 18

Centers of Basic Research 19

Research Within the Government 20

Industrial Research 21

International Exchange of Scicntific Information 22

The Special Need for Federal Support 22

The Cost of a Program 22

V Part Four:

Renewal of Our Scientific Talent: Nature of the Problem 23

A Note of Warning 23

The Wartime Deficit 24

Improve the Quahty 24

Remove the Barriers 25

The Generation in Uniform Must Not be Lost 25

A Program 26

Part Five:

A Problem of Scientific Reconversion:

Effects of MobiHzation of Science for War 28

Security Restrictions Should be Lifted Promptly 28

Need for Coordination 29

A Board to Control Release 29

Publication Should be Encouraged 30

Part Six:

The Means to the End: New Responsibilities for Governmcnt 31

The Mechanism 31

Five Fundamentals 32

Military Research 33

National Research Foundation 34

I Purposes 34

II Members , 34

III Organizations 35

IV. Functions 37

V. Patent Policy 38

VI. Special Authority 38

VII. Budget 39 

Action by Congress 40


Scientists across every scientific field of endeavor, science historians, teachers and students engaged in the history of science may find this classic resource, now back in printed format, of interest.

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