Public Roads, V. 78, No. 5, March/April 2015

Public Roads, V. 78, No. 5, March/April 2015
Public Roads, V. 78, No. 5, March/April 2015
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Public Roads is the bimonthly magazine of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Reading Public Roads is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology.

More specifically, the magazine covers advances and innovations in highway/traffic research and technology, critical national transportation issues, important activities and achievements of FHWA and others in the highway community, specific FHWA program areas, and subjects of interest to highway industry professionals. Each issue contains standard departments that include information on topics of general interest, notices of recent publications in research and development and in technology applications, Internet-related information applicable to transportation professionals, programs and courses offered by the National Highway Institute, and a calendar of major conferences and special events. Public Roads also emphasizes the continuing commitment of FHWA to be a world leader in promoting highway research and technology transfer.

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On the Frontlines of Innovation by Jeffrey Paniati and Bud Wright
A State-based approach to adopting new technologies as standard practice puts transportation stakeholders in the driver’s seat.

Leading with Innovation at the Helm by Michael W. Hancock
Kentucky uses practical, right-sized solutions to meet its transportation needs. Check out the benefits—they’re significant.

Putting Safety Solutions to the Test by Darren Torbic, John Campbell, and Roya Amjadi
In an FHWA study, researchers evaluated the impacts of various countermeasures on real-world driving on rural roads.

The Science and Art of Putting Drivers under the Microscope by Alicia Romo and C. Y. David Yang
Refining the questions, improving the collection of data, and evaluating the methods used to study the behavior of road users can help reduce driving errors and improve safety.

Clearing Crashes on Arterials by Dave Bergner and Kimberly C. Vásconez
Local departments of public works and DOTs play a vital role in managing traffic incidents. But what exactly are they responsible for? And how can the TIM responder course help clarify their functions?


This magazine is a valuable resource for all FHWA employees; international, national, state, and local transportation officials; members of highway-related professional societies and associations; researchers at technical libraries and technology transfer centers; professors and students of engineering and traffic management; members of appropriate congressional committees; and others interested in highway research and technology and in FHWA policies and programs.

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