Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, 2010, Book 2, July 1 to December 31, 2010

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, 2010, Book 2, July 1 to December 31, 2010
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Fourth volume of the official Public Papers of the Presidents series for President Barack Obama, in a high-quality clothbound hardcover edition. Spine title reads: Public Papers of the Presidents, Barack Obama 2009, II. Contains all public messages and statements of the President of the United States released by the White House from July 1 to December 31, 2010.

This volume is part of a Public Papers series of official publications of United States Presidents' public writings, addresses, and remarks. It is published by the Office of the Federal Register who checks each entry for accuracy against a tape recording and signed documents.

Features a foreword signed by the President, and a portfolio of full-color photographs selected from White House Photo Office files, as well as subject and name indexes, a document categories list and appendices. The appendices provide listings of:

  • A digest of the President's daily schedule and meetings, when announced, and other items of general interest issued by the Office of the Press Secretary;
  • The President's nominations submitted to the Senate;
  • A checklist of materials released by the Office of the Press Secretary that are not printed full-text in the book; and
  • A table of Proclamations, Executive orders, and other Presidential documents released by the Office of the Press Secretary and published in the Federal Register.


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Historians, legislators, political scientists, foreign leaders, and American citizens residing in the United States and around the world may be interested in these Presidential speeches, itinerary, and documents during the public service tenure of President Barack Obama.

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National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register
2013: 1001-2024 p.
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