The Power for Flight: NASA\'s Contributions to Aircraft Propulsion (Hardcover)

The Power for Flight: NASA\'s Contributions to Aircraft Propulsion (Hardcover)
The Power for Flight: NASA's Contributions to Aircraft Propulsion (Hardcover)
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NASA’s involvement in the development and refinement of aircraft propulsion technologies from 1958 to 2008 is important for three reasons. First, at the most basic level, NASA’s propulsion specialists pushed the boundaries of the design of power plants for both subsonic and supersonic flight. Innovations that emerged from NASA programs included ultra-high-bypass turbofans; advanced turboprops; and refined systems reflecting the desire for more efficient, quieter, cleaner, and safer engines. The second reason explains how NASA achieved that success. The Agency played a major role as an innovator, facilitator, collaborator, and leader as it interacted with industry and other Federal agencies, primarily the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Defense (DOD). NASA’s involvement in aircraft propulsion as, in the words of longtime propulsion specialist Dennis Huff, a “technology broker” highlights the continual presence of the Federal Government in the creation of technology. The third reason is that, as a result of NASA’s efforts, the U.S. aircraft propulsion industry has led the world consistently in the development of new technology with improved performance, durability, environmental compatibility, and safety.

This work provides a comprehensive review of the major contributions NASA made during the conversion from prop to jet propulsion aircraft.

Table of Contents

Dedication v

Acknowledgments vi

Foreword vii

Chapter 1: The NACA and Aircraft Propulsion, 1915–1958 1

Chapter 2: NASA Gets to Work, 1958–1975 49

Chapter 3: The Shift Toward Commercial Aviation, 1966–1975 73

Chapter 4: The Quest for Propulsive Efficiency, 1976–1989 103

Chapter 5: Propulsion Control Enters the Computer Era, 1976–1998 139

Chapter 6: Transiting to a New Century, 1990–2008 167

Chapter 7: Toward the Future 217

Abbreviations 233

Bibliography 239

About the Author 273

Index 275


Aeronautical scientists, instructors, professors, contractors, persons interested in aviation history and history of NASA.

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