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“Plate Full of Color,” the third book in the Eagle Book Series aimed at elementary school children, introduces Miss Rabbit and the boys’ friend, Little Hummingbird. Miss Rabbit is a helper. She wants to teach the young children about ways they can prevent diabetes and help adults learn about preventing and controlling the disease. Rain That Dances, Thunder Cloud and Little Hummingbird listen to Miss Rabbit explain how Mother Earth provides wonderfully healthy things to eat.

Measures 16 in. x 19 in. Written by Georgia Perez. Illustrated by Patrick Rolo and Lisa A. Fifield. Third in a four-book set of the Eagle Book series.

Origin and Purpose of the Eagle Book Series

The Eagle Book series grew out of a single book, Through the Eyes of the Eagle, that had been written by Nambe Pueblo’s Georgia Perez (Native American Diabetes Project, University of New Mexico) and woven through the curriculum of the “Strong in Body and Spirit” program in the late 1990s. Ms. Perez found that when children heard the story of the eagle, they listened intently. Afterward, they were eager to take the diabetes-prevention information back to their parents and grandparents to share what they had learned.

The role of the eagle as “teacher” and the story’s success led to the creation of a series of children’s books whose purpose is to convey to children healthy ways of living. All of the stories reflect long-held values of American Indian / Alaska Native people – respect, gratitude, and generosity – while teaching the universal wisdom of healthy eating and physical activity. Throughout the series, a young Native boy and his friends learn about healthy habits from Mr. Eagle, Miss Rabbit, and Coyote.

Vividly brought to life by the colorful illustrations of American Indian artists Patrick Rolo (Bad River Band, Ojibwe) and Lisa A. Fifield (Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin), these stories by Georgia Perez have become the award-winning Eagle Book series:

  1. Through the Eyes of the Eagle,
  2. Knees Lifted High,
  3. Plate Full of Color, and
  4. Tricky Treats.

Additional diabetes prevention books based on these characters for middle school children are also becoming available, starting with Coyote and the Turtle's Dream.

The purpose of the Eagle Books is to help children understand several important messages about diabetes and being healthy:

  • -Many Americans, including Native peoples, no longer eat traditional diets or practice vigorous physical activity.
  • -Type 2 diabetes can be a consequence of this lifestyle change.
  • -Returning to healthy diet and physical activity can help prevent diabetes.
  • -Friends and families can help each other to prevent diabetes by eating healthy foods and staying active.

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Target audience is children, especially Native American children, and their parents, in order to teach children and their families diabetes-prevention information and how to live a healthy lifestyle, choose healthy foods and drinks, and get regular exercise.


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