Pb 19-19-1 Spring 2019; Military Police

Pb 19-19-1 Spring 2019; Military Police
Mlitary Police, PB 19-19-1, Spring 2019
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Table of Contents

2 Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, U.S.

4 Army Military Police School

5 Regimental Command Sergeant Major

7 Regimental Chief Warrant Officer

8 Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on “Expungement of Army Criminal Records”

10 Our Brothers in Arms By Lieutenant Colonel Edwin H. Escobar

14 Maximizing Training Opportunities Across a Company in a Resource-Constrained Environment By Mr Damon M. Yourchisin

15 CID Crime Tips Submission System

19 Lessons Learned From Deploying a MEB to a DSCA Operation By Colonel Jan K. Behn, Colonel Craig W. Strong, Lieutenant Colonel James R. Hewitt, Major Jeremy D. Chancellor, Major Jonathan D. Wymer,and MajorAlex M. Zeller

22 Manuever Support, Sustainment, Protection,Integration ExperimentBy Mr. Dennis G. Hutchinson Investigating the Suicide Death Scene By Mr. Mark S. Lindsay

25 Key Leader Workshop By Sergeant First Class Helen M. Miller

27 The Revision of U.S. Army Field Manual 3-39 By Major Mary M. Smith and Sergeant Major Douglas M. Loggins (Retired)

30 A Community of Leaders for Leaders By the Center for Junior Officers

31 The Reserves Go Rampage By Sergeant Michael Kechula

32 Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 503d Military Police Battalion—Lineage and Honors

33 The Revision of Army Doctrinal Publication 3-37 By Major Mary M. Smith and Sergeant Major Douglas M. Loggins (Retired)

36 Forensic Sciences in the Pacific Theater of War By Master Sergeant Patrick V. Garland (Retired) and Mr . David B. Flohr

39 Protection Integration in the Operations Process By Major Tara K. Bradley

41 Brigade/Battalion Commands

43 Doctrine Update

45 Writer’s Guide

Front cover photograph: U.S. Army photograph


Members of the Military Police Corps and military leaders should read this publication to increase their knowledge of the Corps' and the latest news regarding it.  In addition, military members from all branches, Veterans, and military enthusiasts would enjoy this publication.

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