Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Los Alamos, New Mexico: Junior Ranger Book

Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Los Alamos, New Mexico: Junior Ranger Book
Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Los Alamos, New Mexico: Junior Ranger Book
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Attention Kids – Did you know that the National Parks Junior Ranger Program lets you enter the Main Gate of the Los Alamos Project to learn about the scientist who in secret designed and built the first atomic bomb. The project was known as the “Manhattan Project, based in downtown New York City! Los Alamos (in New Mexico) became the primary site for the laboratory “Project Y” where the bomb was built that helped to contribute to end the war with Japan.

The Manhattan Project Junior Ranger program is very special since it brings you into the “Secret City:” and teaches you about why the atomic bomb program started.

This booklet is packed with fun activities to assist you in your journey to become a Manhattan Project Junior Ranger. This guide provides you with the information to learn about:

World War II and The Manhattan Project

Atomic Science

The Manhattan Project Timeline

The Pajarito Plateau where Los Alamos is located

Project Y Team citizens, scientists, engineers and military

Life in a Secret City

Complete some fun crossword puzzles and best of all

Take the Junior Ranger Pledge

The Manhattan Project Junior Ranger Program also includes booklets for Oak Ridge, TN; and Hanford, WA. The Hanford booklet can be downloaded from the Government Publishing Office https://bookstore,

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Hanford, Washington, Hanford Unit, B Reactor National Historic Landmark, Junior Ranger Book


This would be a hands-on educational activity book for pre-teen children, especially 5th grade through middle school. Children, teachers, and school administrators may find this booklet can serve as an experiential learning tool to help children learn about a complex time in American history and would be essential for field trips to the National Park location. National Park travel agents and event promters may also find an interest in this resource.

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Known as: Los Alamos Junior Ranger Booklet. On the Internet there are three Manhattan Project Junior Ranger booklets, one for each of the historical secret cities sites.
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