Major-fleet Versus Fleet Operations in the Pacific War, 1941-1945, Second Edition

Major-fleet Versus Fleet Operations in the Pacific War, 1941-1945, Second Edition
Major Fleet-Versus-Fleet Operations in the Pacific War, 1941-1945 (2d edition, 2016)
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Major Fleet-versus-Fleet Operations in the Pacific War, 1941–1945, Second Edition, studies three major naval operations of World War II. These three, initiated by imperial Japan, resulted in the battles of the Coral Sea, Midway/Aleutians, and the Philippine Sea. Along with ample background on geographic and strategic context, the author, Dr. Milan Vego, gives detailed accounts of the unfolding actions, utilizing much primary-source material from American and Japanese archives. Finally, and most valuably, the author identifies lessons learned for naval operational art, lessons of more than historical interest for today's U.S. Navy.

The book provides an operational-art perspective to stimulate interest in the study of the theory and practice of major naval operations through case studies.

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This publication would be useful to new members of the Navy to train them to recognize the importance of naval history to naval leadership and strategy.  In addition, this publication would be beneficial to naval leaders, historians and students studying military history, and members of the general public interested in naval operations strategy and naval history.


AUSTRALIAN NAVAL INSTITUTE - Article: Major Fleet-versus-Fleet Operations in the Pacific War, 1941-1945 by Dr. Tom Lewis, August 20, 2015

"Major Fleet-versus-Fleet Operations is an excellent resource for the naval professional."

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Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College
  • Vego, Milan
Contains revised cataloging in publication information and a new ISBN and barcode. Supersedes the first edition which was S/N 008-046-00283-5. 2d edition was added to the title field to help distinguish between the two editions.
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  • Historical Monograph 22
  • Coral Sea
  • World War II
  • Midway
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  • Leyte Gulf
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