Lead Paint Safety: A Field Guide for Interim Controls in Painting and Home Maintenance

Lead Paint Safety: A Field Guide for Interim Controls in Painting and Home Maintenance
Lead Paint Safety: A Field Guide for Interim Controls in Painting and Home Maintenance
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Take charge of safety in your home when it comes to potential lead poisoning through home maintenance and renovation work. This illustrated hands-on resource, co-published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provides guidance about poor maintenance that can endanger children, pets, and others in homes and apartments built before 1978. 

Professionals will want to refer to this field guide to: 

  • Correct potential problems that can cause damage to residences, 
  • Provide guidance for maintenance corrections, 
  • Be aware of restricted practices.                  

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Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home, 2017 (Package of 50)

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Table of Contents

1. The Basics 6

Work Practices Overview 6

Principles to Remember 7

Correcting the Cause of the Problem 9

Restricted Practices 11

Key Stages of a Job 14

2. Before You Start Work 15

Set Up the Work Area-Interior 15

Set Up the Work Area-Exterior 18

Worker Protection 20

3. Doing the Work 22

Interior Surface Prep

22 Exterior Surface Prep 24

Paint Removal 25

Damaged Interior Wall or Ceiling 28

Deteriorated Exterior Surfaces 30

Sticking Window 32

Loose Window 34

Window Won’t Stay Open 36

Deteriorated Window Trough 38

Door Needs Adjustment 40

Door Rubs or Sticks 43

Chipping Paint on Stairs or Floor 45

If Nose Tread is Worn 46

Chipped or Damaged Impact Surfaces 48

High Dust Jobs 49 4.

At the End of the Job 51

Cleaning Up 51

Disposal of Waste 54

Checking Your Work 56

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance 58

5. Resources 60

Federal Rules on Lead-Based Paint Safety 60

Glossary 62

For More Information 64

Contacts 66

Getting the Word Out 68

More About Technical Topics 73

Ensuring the Property is Clean 74

Worksite Checklists 77

Disclaimer 79

Why Follow this Guide 80



Parents, home owners, contractors, building maintenance workers, supervisors, painters, renovators, remodeling contractors, property managers and owners, homeowners, local housing agency staff, public health staff

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Housing and Urban Development Dept., Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes
We are not sure what year this was published, sometime after June 2017. It arrived in January 2019.
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  • Field Guide for Interim Controls
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