July/aug. 2019; Army Al&t

July/aug. 2019; Army Al&t
Army AL&T, Summer 2019
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Data, Data, Data. Just like all of today’s mega-operations the U.S. Army faces the same mega-problem: the successful creation and utilization of an incredible array of data to improve force effectiveness. The summer edition of Army AL&T Magazine features how the U. S. Department of Army is successfully addressing and implementing programs to maximize value for the tax-payers money.

It opens with an article titled: “DATA, from the Foxhole to the Pentagon”, thus sending a clear message that the management of data across the military community is a key mission and critical objective.

Lessons learned from subscribing to and routinely referring to Department of Defense publications such as the Army AT&T are a wise and prudent business decision not only for the myriad of military units who can gain critical knowledge, but increasing so for any commercial venture wishing to take advantage of this invaluable resource of knowledge.

The summer edition offers a whole lot more, including articles such as:

  • MODERNIZING THE NETWORK, a discussion of challenges and must-haves as the Army moves toward its more centralizing vision.
  • THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME, showcasing three events critical in developing the concept of operations for terrain-shaping obstacles,
  • ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, points out that the Army to successfully develop artificial intelligence, it needs to collect the right data before investing.
  • And so much more

Army AL&T (Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology) is available with quarterly issue releases as part of an annual print subscription priced for under $25.00

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Table of Contents

4 THE ZEN OF DATA Army acquisition has a key role in effective data management

8 DATA IS DECISIVE The Army begins to identify the acquisition data domain

14 CREATING INSIGHT-DRIVEN DECISIONS Hunting for good data in acquisition’s ‘Wild West’

22 ASA(ALT) AT WORK: PEO EIS Meet PEO Enterprise Information Systems

26 IPPS-A FACTO Fielding the Army’s new, unified personnel system to the Pennsylvania National Guard

31 SUSTAINING DATA DELIVERY ON THE FUTURE ARMY NETWORK Maintenance plans for the next Army network

36 SYNCHRONIZATION IS KEY Network modernization requires a fully unified training and fielding effort

42 FACES OF THE FORCE:  Big data = better decisions

44 CCDC’S ROAD MAP TO MODERNIZING THE ARMY: THE NETWORK Refining a network that keeps Soldiers connected and informed in any mission

52 NO MYSTERIES, PLEASE Budgeting for Army acquisition programs is both art and science

61 FUNDING KICK-START A new rapid prototyping program speeds tech development


68 MODERNIZING THE NETWORK Army network modernization insights from the Project Manager for Tactical Network

74 T HE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME Pivotal developments in the concept of operations for terrain shaping

80 BRIDGING THE GAP Incentivizing innovation to field new C-DAEM munitions

85 ASK THE RIGHT QUES T I O NS For the Army to develop AI, it needs to collect the right data

89 TIGHTENING THE SUPPLY CHAIN Initiatives to make sure foreign military sales don’t affect U.S. Army readiness

94 AUTOMATED INVENTORY CONSTRAINTS New automated system improves ammunition tracking, but Soldiers in forward theaters can’t use it

100 BRINGING INTEL TO CONTRACTING Existing methods of collecting information can improve contracting

106 FROM SENSOR TO SHOOTER FASTER Army, Air Force demonstrate conversion of long-range targeting data in real time

111 CYBER VS. DRONE Army prototypes cyber anti-drone capabilities 114 FACES OF THE FORCE: CAPT. ZACHARY SCHOFIELD Out-of-the-blue solution makes sustainment easier COMMENTARY 116 MA G I C BUL L E T S: T HE FU T UR E O F ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN WEAPON SYSTEMS Tough questions remain as AI capability advances

122 SO MUCH DATA, SO LITTLE TIME What’s important, and how do we measure it?

128 AR CHI T E C T UR E F O R A R MY MODERNIZATION Engineering the system of modernization systems  

134 FROM THE DACM: BRING YOUR DATA We have to know what we know, not what we think we know

137 A CHANCE TO THINK Naval Postgraduate School professor goes the distance to share acquisition case studies with workforce

141 CAREER NAVIGATOR: SO LONG ACRB— SORT OF Phased rollout of integrated HR system marks major, if gradual, shift

144 FA CES O F T HE F O R CE: BENTON GADY TACOM’s sustainment liaison

146 FOURTH SSCF SITE OPENS Ten-month fellowship for civilians now available at Picatinny



Military members (especially the U.S. Army) involved with acquisition, logistics and technology (AL&T) will enjoy this publication of timely and important news about AL&T.  Department of Defense staff, defense contractors, civilian businesses working with military acquisitions, and military enthusiasts may also enjoy this publication.

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