Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 52, No. 06, 2015

Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 52, No. 06, 2015
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 52, No. 06, 2015
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The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs. JRRD aims to responsibly evaluate and disseminate scientific research findings impacting the rehabilitative healthcare community.

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Review Article

629 Diastasis of symphysis pubis and labor: Systematic review
M. Alicia Urraca-Gesto, PT; Gustavo Plaza-Manzano, PhD; Alejandro Ferragut-Garcías, PT; Daniel Pecos-Martín, PhD; Tomás Gallego-Izquierdo, PhD; Natalia Romero-Franco, PhD

Scientific/Technical Articles

641 Predicting prosthetic prescription after major lower-limb amputation
Linda Resnik, PT, PhD, OCS; Matthew Borgia, AM

653 Accessibility of outpatient healthcare providers for wheelchair users: Pilot study
Karen L. Frost, PhD, MBA; Gina Bertocci, PhD, PE; Michael D. Stillman, MD; Craig Smalley, MEng; Steve Williams, MD

663 Effects of hyperthyroidism on hand grip strength and function
Esra Erkol İnal, MD; Alparslan Bayram Çarlı, MD; Sultan Çanak, MD; Oğuzhan Aksu, MD; Banu Kale Köroğlu, MD; Serpil Savaş

669 Traumatic brain injury in U.S.Veterans with traumatic spinal cord injury
Graham H. Creasey, MD; Zoia C. Lateva, PhD; Sophia Miryam Schüssler-Fiorenza Rose, MD, PhD; Jon Rose, PhD

677 Physical performance and self-report outcomes associated with use of passive, adaptive, and active prosthetic knees in persons with unilateral, transfemoral amputation: Randomized crossover trial
Brian J. Hafner, PhD; Robert L. Askew, PhD, MPH

701 Student Veteran perceptions of facilitators and barriers to achieving academic goals
Sonya B. Norman, PhD; Jay Rosen, PhD; Sara Himmerich, MA; Ursula S. Myers, MS; Brittany Davis, PhD; Kendall C. Browne, PhD; Neill Piland, PhD

713 Core muscle characteristics during walking of patients with multiple sclerosis
Nathaniel B. Ketelhut, BS; John H. Kindred, MS; Mark M. Manago, MS; Jeffrey R. Hebert, PhD; Thorsten Rudroff, PhD

725 E-mental health preferences ofVeterans with and without probable posttraumatic stress disorder
Julia M. Whealin, PhD; L. Alana Seibert-Hatalsky, PhD; Jennifer Willett Howell, PhD; Jack Tsai, PhD

739 Participatory design and validation of mobility enhancement robotic wheelchair
Brandon Daveler, MS; Benjamin Salatin, MS; Garrett G. Grindle, MS; Jorge Candiotti, BS; Hongwu Wang, PhD; Rory A. Cooper, PhD


This journal may be of interest to veterans, active military members, scientists, and healthcare professionals.

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