Job Simulations: Trying out for a Federal Job

Job Simulations: Trying out for a Federal Job
Job Simulations: Trying out for a Federal Job
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The purpose of this report by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, (MSPB), is to examine the utility of job simulation assessments for use in the Federal hiring process. A job simulation is an assessment that presents applicants with realistic, job-related situations and documents their behaviors or responses to help determine their qualifications for the job. Job simulations include, but are not limited to, work samples, situational judgment tests, assessment centers, and job tryout procedures. 

Table of Contents

Executive Summary i

Introduction 1

Background 1

Purpose and Methodology 2

Principles Of Assessment 5

Benefits of Good Assessments 5

What Makes a Good Assessment? 6

Job Simulations: What They Are 9

Definition 9

Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages 10

Types of Job Simulations 12

Job Simulations: How Federal Agencies Use Them 17

Nature of Assessment Programs 17

Use of Job Simulation Assessments 20

Formulating An Assessment Strategy 25

(1) Conduct a Job Analysis 26

(2) Identify the Assessments .28

(3) Develop Testing Procedures 34

(4) Select Qualified Assessors 35

(5) Measure the Success of the Assessment Procedures 37 Conclusion 38

Appendix A— Types Of Job Simulations And Examples Of Their Use 39

Work Samples 39

Judgment Tests 43

Assessment Centers 47

Job Tryout Procedures 51

Appendix B— Job Simulation Interrogatory 55

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