How Our Laws Are Made, 2007

How Our Laws Are Made, 2007
How Our Laws Are Made, 2007
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This brochure is intended to provide a basic outline of the numerous steps of our federal lawmaking process from the source of an idea for a legislative proposal through its publication as a statute. The legislative process is a matter about which every person should be well informed in order to understand and appreciate the work of Congress.

It is hoped that this guide will enable readers to gain a greater understanding of the federal legislative process and its role as one of the foundations of our representative system. One of the most practical safeguards of the American democratic way of life is this legislative process with its emphasis on the protection of the minority, allowing ample opportunity to all sides to be heard and make their views known. The fact that a proposal cannot become a law without consideration and approval by both Houses of Congress is an outstanding virtue of our bicameral legislative system. The open and full discussion provided under the Constitution often results in the notable improvement of a bill by amendment before it becomes law or in the eventual defeat of an inadvisable proposal.

As the majority of laws originate in the House of Representatives, this discussion will focus principally on the procedure in that body.

House Document 110-49. July 24, 2007. 110th Congress, 1st Session. Jacket 36-931.  Congressional legislation

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This is a valuable primary resource for government and political science students to reference during their studies. In addition, this contains important information on  how laws are created and may be of interest to government officials, policy makers, and others interested in the United States governing process. 

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