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This is a controlled item. To order, please send an e-mail request to the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) at [email protected] and provide the publication title, quantity, contact and organization name, mailing address and phone number. Security contractors must provide the name of the sponsoring Government agency and its contact information. TSWG will approve your order via e-mail and furnish an approval number. You may then place your order, accompanied by a copy of the confirmation e-mail and approval number, to GPO via fax. Our fax number is 202-512-2104. Thank you.

Homemade Explosives Recognition Guide (Portuguese Language Version) (Not in stock Yet Controlled Item)

Homemade Explosives Recognition Guide (Portuguese Language Version) (Not in stock Yet Controlled Item)
Looseleaf with Binder
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The Homemade Explosives Recognition Guide is a 58-page, 4 X 6 inch, spiral bound booklet. It contains information on indicators and warnings pertaining to homemade explosives. This booklet provides a quick reference for responders to visually recognize the materials, chemicals, and equipment associated with the manufacture of homemade explosives. The Homemade Explosives Recognition Guide will help all on-scene personnel visually assess the possibility that a situation involves the manufacture of homemade explosives. This version of the handbook is in translated into Portuguese. Sold in packages of 5 only.


This document is not for public use, but for military, Federal, State, and local agencies as a reference for training and operations by emergency personnel in preparing for and responding to a terrorist incident. Information in this publication is general and may not reflect the most recent threats.

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GPO Contact Center cannot accept order(s) for this item without the TSWG Approval Number. Book Contains images and Portuguese Language text describing the indicators and arnings of homemade explosives.
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