Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney

Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney
Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney
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This guide helps family members and others understand their role as an agent. It provides tips on making financial decisions for someone else as well as protecting assets from fraud and scams.

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Table of Contents

About the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  1

Why read this guide? 5

Power of attorney questions and answers 6

Four basic duties of a fiduciary 8

Duty 1 | Act only in Martina’s best interest  8

Duty 2 | Manage Martina’s money and property carefully  9

Duty 3 | Keep Martina’s money and property separate 11

Duty 4 | Keep good records  12

More things you should know 13

What if there are other fiduciaries?  13

Government benefits require special fiduciaries  13

How can you avoid problems with family or friends? 14

What should you know about working with professionals?  14

Watch out for financial exploitation 15

Look for these common signs of financial exploitation 15

Be on guard for consumer scams 17

How can you protect Martina from scams?  17

Where to go for help 20

Local and state agencies 20

Federal agencies  21

For legal help  21

For accounting help  21


Caregivers and adult consumers

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