The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages

The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages
The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages
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Comprehensive health guide for women written in simple language and illustrated with many photographs, designed to appeal to a large audience of all cultural backgrounds, from teens to senior adults. With a compelling foreword by CNN international journalist Jill Dougherty and touching personal stories women can relate to, this excellent guide helps women recognize symptoms relating to particular diseases; explore possible treatment options; and educate themselves on the latest recommendations for key health screenings, tests, and immunizations.

Empowers women to:

-Recognize signs of heart attack and stroke as well as understand risk factors

-Learn the risks for type 2 diabetes and how to manage it

-Deal with the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease

-Understand the impact of chronic pain

-Care for their mental health

-Prepare their body for pregnancy and delivery

-Request a second opinion when they feel it's necessary

This guidebook also contains full-color charts and diagrams to help readers understand their bodies and offers information not found in other women's health resources, such as how to teach women to read a Prescription Drug Label and explore insurance options, and provides tips along with graphic representations for healthy eating and managing portion sizes, and more. Includes a glossary, extensive bibliography, additional resources, and a cross-referenced index.

Table of Contents

Foreword 8
Taking Charge of Your Health  10
Heart Disease.  15
Understanding risk factors for this number one killer of women, as well as heart attack signs, common tests, treatments, and living with heart disease.
Stroke 37
Recognizing the signs of stroke, as well as understanding risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke.
Cancer 51
Understanding risk factors, symptoms, important screening tests, and treatment of cancers affecting women [including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, etc.].
Type 2 Diabetes 69
Knowing the signs of type 2 diabetes and how to manage, prevent, and delay the condition.
Autoimmune Diseases 83
Recognizing symptoms of autoimmune diseases more common in women, dealing with diagnosis, and understanding special pregnancy concerns.
Blood Disorders 103
Learning how blood works and recognizing symptoms of bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, and anemia.
Sexually Transmitted Infections 119
Lowering the risk of sexually transmitted infections, symptoms to watch for, understanding treatment, and dealing with diagnosis.
Preventing HIV, understanding the importance of testing, recognizing AIDS-related infections, and living with HIV.
Reproductive Health 153
Caring for your reproductive health, understanding reproductive and gynecologic disorders, and understanding your birth control options.
Pregnancy 169
Preparing your body for pregnancy and delivery, understanding body changes, and learning about the stages of pregnancy.
Breastfeeding 187
Learning how to breastfeed your baby, with practical tips and suggestions for getting your baby to latch, expressing milk, and caring for your breasts.
Mental Health .207
Learning how to care for your overall mental health, understanding mental health disorders, and finding out how to get help.
Healthy Aging 221
Dealing with menopause, understanding common signs of aging, and living with chronic health conditions.
Violence Against Women 235
Understanding the impact of violence against women in the United States, recognizing dangerous relationships, and learning practical ways to get help.
Urologic and Kidney Health 251
Learning how the urinary system works and recognizing, preventing, and treating common urologic and kidney health problems.
Digestive Health 265
Learning how the digestive system works, dealing with digestive health problems during pregnancy, and understanding how to keep your digestive system healthy.
Respiratory Health 279
Understanding how the respiratory system works, dealing with common respiratory conditions, and recognizing symptoms.
Oral Health 293
Caring for your oral health, understanding oral health issues specific to women, and learning how to recognize oral health problems.
Skin and Hair Health 305
Caring for your skin and hair, understanding the link between hair and skin and overall health, and dealing with common skin and hair problems.
Nutrition 317
Learning about healthy eating, including practical tips for making healthy food choices.
Fitness 337
Learning about the importance of physical activity, including practical tips for leading an active lifestyle.
Pain 351
Understanding the impact of chronic pain and painful conditions among women and learning about treatment options.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine 367
Learning about the use of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States, the state of research on specific types of alternative medicines, and important safety tips.
Appendix 383
Additional Health Information and Tips 385
Important Screenings and Tests 413
Health Resources for Women and Families 423
Glossary 437
Bibliography 463
Index 509


Women of all ages, as well as nutritionists and health and medical specialists interested in women's health issues will find this publication useful. 

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