Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977-1981

Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977-1981
Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977-1981
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THE NINTH VOLUME IN THE Secretaries of Defense Historical Series focuses on President Jimmy Carter’s defense secretary, Harold Brown, who brought stability to an office that had seen three different secretaries in the last four years under the Nixon-Ford administrations. When Brown began his tenure in January 1977, he and his staff confronted an array of national security and international policy concerns, especially the Warsaw Pact’s conventional and nuclear theater forces superiority over NATO and the Soviet threat to U.S. land-based missiles. Within the context of the national security and foreign policy challenges of Carter’s administration, this volume describes the role of the Pentagon chief, the advice he gave the president, and his interactions with other senior political and military leaders. It is also a history of the management of the Defense Department, including the continual development of the All-Volunteer Force and the organizational changes that saw improved policy formulation and acquisition decisions.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgment  xvii

CH A P T E R 1   The Carter Administration Takes Charge 1

  CH A P T E R 2   The FY 1978 Defense Budget and the B–1 Bomber Decision 27              

CH A P T E R 3   Latin America 61

CH A P T E R 4   Reorganization and Reassessment of the Department of Defense 101

CH A P T E R 5     Defining National Security Policy 117

CH A P T E R 6    SALT II and the MX Missile Decision 147

CH A P T E R 7    Arms Control and Global Issues 183

CH A P T E R 8    The FY 1979 Budget and the Future of the Navy 215

CH A P T E R 9    The Middle East Peace Process 247

CH A P T E R 10  Iran and the Hostage Crisis  285

CH A P T E R 11  Southwest Asia and the Framework for Persian Gulf security 321

CH A P T E R 12   The FY 1980 Budget and the Conversion of  Harold Brown 351

CH A P T E R 13   Readjustment in East Asia 377

CH A P T E R 14   NATO Conventional Forces 417

CH A P T E R 15   NATO and the Theater Nuclear Forces  455

CH A P T E R 16   Conflict and Confrontation in Africa  477

  CH A P T E R 17   The All-Volunteer Force and the Legacy of Vietnam  503

CH A P T E R 18   Making the Case: Defense Budgets for

CH A P T E R 19   A Revolution in Military Warfare: The Offset Strategy 575

CH A P T E R 2 0   The 1980 Election and Transition 601

CH A P T E R 21   In Retrospect  615

Abbreviations  629

Notes 637

Note on Sources and Selected Bibliography 773

Index 797

Maps, Charts, and Diagrams



"The Carter administration represented a momentous, if transitional, period in U.S. national security policy, and it remains curiously understudied. President Jimmy Carter’s secretary of defense was the brilliant but shy Harold Brown, always on top of his brief and looking for pragmatic solutions to the short-term crises and long-term policy dilemmas that faced the administration. This exhaustive study of Brown’s four years at the Pentagon is not for novices, but it does contain valuable accounts of all the critical debates that shaped the Carter era: how to control the defense budget, how to pursue strategic arms control, how to solve the Iran hostage crisis of 1979, and how to respond to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that began that same year." --Reviewed by Lawrence D. Freedman, Foreign Affairs Magazine

International Security Studies Forum Essay: https://issforum.org/essays/34-brown

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings Magazine: https://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2017-12/book-reviews

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